Horror in the High Desert is a documentary of mystery horror that revolves around the disappearance of a man whose name is Gary Hinge.

The basic storyline of this film is actually inspired by real-life disappearance of a man whose name is Kenny Veach.

The movie is a great example of blending horror and documentary elements to create a truly unique experience.

Horror in the High Desert is horror movie written and directed by Dutch Marich. It was released in 27 july, 2021, by many streaming platforms.

The movie hints that Gary met something strange and scary in desert, and it's not clear what happened to him.

Kenny Veach has found mysterious cave in desert has m shape. thisis mentioned in his youtube video.

He goes for again there and never return, his phone found but body never found. its disappeared like mystery.

the story of Gary Hinge may be fictional,  but it is based on real-life event and that happened to Kenny Veach.

So Horror in the High Desert is not real documentary, it is only inspired by real events.

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