What is it? “Life of Luxury” is famous YouTube channel which create scary videos. 

Who is the creator?  The channel iscreated by Parker Hajiaskari and Chester Beckington.

What’s the content?  The channel upload a paranormal investigation format videos, where Parker and Chester investigate unnatural things.

The channel has humor and jokes about the situations. This mixture of horror and comedy enhance the entertainment everytime.

Instead of expensive or sophisticated effects they uses simple props, costumes, makeup, and editing techniques to create horror and scary things.

They creates mystery and encourages forward engagement through comments and future theories.

There are some evidence that suggest  Life of Luxury is fake.

the channel’s videos are highly edited, which suggests that they are making fake content.

“Life of Luxury” wikipedia page suggests that the channel’s videos are not real  they are creating this only for entertainment purpose.

Now you know the answer that Life of Luxury Youtube is not Real. If you are genuinely looking for authentic horror content, you need to explore other channels.