We will explore the history, the rumors, and the facts surrounding serbian dancing lady. stay tune till the end.

sSerbian Dancing Lady has gone viral and popular overnight on social media.

The story of the “Serbian Dancing Lady” is from 2019

This is a 11-second clip posted in February, that has a horror music and got more than 105.3 million views 

Videos shows a women dressed in a national costume, jumps  in front of people and cars, and then started dance similar to the movements of Serbian folklore

Some internet users have guessed that the woman is controlled by devil.

Despite the rumors and myths about “Serbian Dancing Lady,” there is no evidence to suggest that she is demon.

While the original video may be real, it’s unclear whether the woman in the video was actually threatening people with a knife.

There were no reports of any deaths around the “Serbian Dancing Lady,” and it’s likely  the rumors and myths that she is a demon.

So you got your answer Is serbian dancing lady real or fake? She is nothing but a viral sensation that time.