Fact Check : Oculoflora samsara real or fake ?

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You must have seen a plant with eyes on the internet. The video of this plant is becoming increasingly viral on the internet. In the video a plant is seen which has one eye. It has been claimed in the video that this is a big discovery.

Do you want to know whether Oculoflora Samsara is real or fake? If you want then read this post carefully because in this post I am going to give you complete information.

Oculoflora Samsara Real or fake

Oculoflora Samsara is a flower and this video has been made with the help of AI. The biggest reason for the video being fake is that three different flowers are shown in it. If the video was really real then only one species of ankh flower would have been shown.

Three different species of flower with eyes are shown in the video, which proves that the video is completely fake. If the flower with eyes had actually been discovered, only one species would have been found, but three species of the flower have been shown in the video.

Looking at the flower with eyes in the video, it becomes clear that the video is completely fake and that flower also looks fake. If that flower had actually been discovered, it would not have been possible to discover three different species of flowers simultaneously.

Conclusion – Oculoflora Samsara is a fake flower and the video is completely fake. The video has been made with AI and it is not possible for such a flower to exist in reality.

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