Is Theresa caputo Real or Fake ? (Revealed)

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Hello everyone. I hope you’re doing very well today. Welcome back to the film Inside Channel for another crazy video. One of the biggest questions to ever be asked is about the existence of an afterlife. Many wonder and fear about the idea of passing, and often wonder if their loved ones, or even themselves, will continue to live on.

This question seems to be answered by the mind blowing medium Theresa Caputo on the really popular TLC show Long Island Medium. Throughout the 12 seasons that have passed since its debut in 2011, this show generally brings the same things consistently.

Theresa caputo Real or Fake

We follow Theresa, who has private and group readings with believers and skeptics of her mediumship. Theresa asked them a bunch of questions and tries to connect these people with their past loved ones. It seems really amazing and sometimes unbelievable.

But today we are going to list some reasons why you shouldn’t believe the things that you see on this show. Make sure that before we start the video though, to drop a like. If you do enjoy and subscribe for more content like this, let’s get into this video.

Guys getting things wrong. While on her TV show, she is shown getting virtually everything right about the departed loved ones of her clients.

It felt like I was drowning. I don’t know if it was from blood though, from like internal bleeding.

Because my daughter was hit by a car a little less than a year.

Ago. From personal things like knowing about home videos made, or knowing exactly where or how someone passed, she seems very legitimate. However, when it comes time to performing in front of a large audience, it’s a very different experience.

Many who have seen her live say she often starts talking about something specific, but to the wrong person, they feel like she’s just saying anything in hopes that it will relate to at least one person in the audience.

Which begs the question if she’s really real, always known information not even close to often, if at all, does anything that was unknown to the client about their loved one ever comes up during caputo’s readings? It shouldn’t be a surprise that people keep things from those that they are in a relationship or related to for a whole slew of reasons.

Say if someone didn’t like something about their wife or their relative, they most likely won’t bring it up in order not to hurt them. Although it just seems like the spirits that she communicates with only want to give their memories that are shared with their loved one, and not ones that are just their own.

This suggests that the information Caputo is getting might be a result of background checks or research on clients. Some of Caputo’s past clients alleged that she had her crew come beforehand to interview and poke around, which means she is prepped about that person.

Never negative. It should really go without saying that life in general has its ups and downs and is never, always positive. Most, if not all, of Caputo’s readings involve really heartwarming sentiments from those who have departed.

All he keeps saying is, look how beautiful.

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