Zombie deer disease real or fake ? (Revealed)

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The way the world is changing, new diseases are also emerging. Some diseases spread rapidly and some diseases spread slowly. The disease which spreads rapidly starts showing its effects from the very beginning.  But a slow spreading disease is much more deadly than a fast spreading disease.

We are going to give you complete information about Zombie deer disease, a slow spreading disease, which is real or fake and all the questions you have in your mind regarding Zombie deer disease, you will get the answers to all those questions in this article.  Like Zombie deer disease real or fake

What is Zombie deer disease  H2

First of all, know that its scientific name is CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease). This disease is mainly caused by deer, reindeer, sika deer, and moose. This disease gradually spoils the brain of all these animals due to which  All these animals die and currently there is no medicine or vaccine available to get rid of this disease.

This disease is mostly found in the countries of United States of America, Canada, Norway, South Korea. The symptoms of this disease include staggering, apathy, drooling, aggression, weight loss, and neurological symptoms in the animal.  CWD can occur in animals of any age.

CWD disease can be detected only after brain and lymph node research of dead animals. There is no reliable method of testing this disease on live animals, but the cervix of live animals and the environment of the animals and their prions.  CWD can definitely be prevented by preventing contact.

CWD infection has not yet been reported in any human, but scientific research has shown that some types of CWD can be transmitted to non-human primates such as monkeys.

 WHO (World Health Organization) has been recommending since 1997 that eating meat from animals infected with CWD and coming in contact with it can increase the risk of it.

Zombie deer disease real or fake 

This disease is completely true, you cannot consider it fake. The first case of CWD was discovered in Colorado in 1967 and since then many examples of it have been found, but till now it has not been detected in humans. CDC estimates.  It is estimated that 15,000 animals infected with CWD are being eaten in the US every year.

 Meat needs to be cooked at extremely high temperatures to destroy CWD prions. You cannot kill CWD prions by cooking meat at standard cooking temperatures. 

CWD can occur in any species, there is every possibility that it can also spread to mammals, birds and humans, but no case of it has been reported in humans so far, but mad cow disease in Britain is pointing towards this disease.  This cannot be considered fake at all

How to protect yourself from CWD 

  • Be sure to test animal meat before eating it 
  • Avoid eating deer and elk meat
  • Do not eat meat from animals behaving strangely or those found dead.
  • Never use household utensils to cook deer meat.
  • If you have hunted a deer, then wear gloves and clean its body parts. Do not touch the brain, spinal cord or tissue of the deer. 
  • If possible, adopt a vegetarian diet
  • use milk from healthy animals 

This Disease cannot be eradicated

This disease cannot be eradicated because it cannot be detected in living animals and there is no suitable medicine available to prevent this disease, but by taking precautions, it can definitely be avoided.

 According to the Independent, the CWD virus can survive for years in unhygienic surfaces, and scientists report that it is treated with disinfectant formaldehyde, irradiation, and incineration at temperatures of 600C (1100 F).

Disease spread from animals to humans

The disease which spreads to humans through animals becomes very dangerous and destroys public health. You can understand for example influenza which spreads to humans through birds and pigs.

 Another similar disease is rabies which is transmitted from mammalian animals to humans. It is spread by bites and scratches by nails.

And recently we all have come to know well about the corona virus spread by bats. All these diseases are caused by animals and affect humans badly.

Similarly, this disease is CWD which spreads slowly and after some time it affects badly. Currently, neither any medicine nor any vaccine is available for it. The simplest way to avoid it is prevention, about which we have told you.  mentioned above

People ate CWD infected meat 

A research conducted in America in 2006 and 2007 showed that 20% of the residents of America have eaten the meat of deer and elk and till now there has been no risk of CWD in any of the people who ate it and till now this  There is no information whether any of those people have CWD infection or not.

 Hunters must take special precautions regarding whether meat from areas with CWD infestations should be consumed. There are also state wildlife and public health guidelines for areas with CWD infestations that all hunters should follow.

Keep these things in mind before going to an area with CWD infection

  •  Wear special rubber gloves
  •  Do not hunt deer and elk that are behaving abnormally
  •  Be sure to read the State Wildlife and Public Health Directory


In this article, you will know complete information about Zombie deer disease real or fake and this disease is completely real. Do not make the mistake of faking it yourself, otherwise it can prove to be very dangerous for you. It is spread by animals.  It is a very dangerous disease spreading slowly in humans for which medicine and vaccine is not yet available.

We have told you above one of the simplest means of prevention from this. You are reading this information on Realyfake.com. We have written better information for you about many similar topics in our website. You can also read that information.  Must read and thank you very much for reading this information with us till the end.

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