The Thompson extension Real or Fake (Revealed)

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The Thompson extension real or fake topic has received a lot of attention on social media. The strange disappearance of the Thomson family, which involved threats, falsified paperwork, and a terrible suicide, is still unsolved and disturbing, leaving unanswered questions and unresolved details. There is no verified information about what took place in the Thomson’s home as of yet.

When two police officers entered the Thomson’s home to collect taxes in 1985, we learned from our investigation that this was the beginning of the Thompson extension house case. For over five years, the Thompson family has not made any tax payments.

The authorities’ discovered that there was no one inside the home during their inquiry and that it was stuffed with expensive furniture and appliances leaving with the obvious question: The Thompson Extension House: is it a real place?

This case had been buried under social media platforms for years When suddenly someone started talking about this old case again. It is currently a hot topic in the United States Because YouTube series about this subject has been posted.

The narrative currently has four parts, and TikTok is where it originally gained popularity. This article is on “Is The Thompson Extension House Real or fake” explaining the enigma surrounding the Thomson’s house. So, we advise everyone to read the full article till the end.

What happened to the Thomson’s Family?

The Thompson family vanished, and the reason behind it is unknown. With their two kids, Andrew (age 8) and Everett Jr. (age 11), Lydia Thompson, 43, and her husband Everett, 40, lived in Chicago. With her siblings, especially her troubled brother Kenneth White, Lydia received a home that they had jointly owned.

When Kenneth moved in, the family started to have problems, which led to conflict. Kenneth allegedly threatened Lydia with an ex, but no immediate action was taken after Lydia reported the event.

On July 5, 1996, Lydia locked herself in the bathroom and made an urgent call to Everett, alleging Kenneth’s threat. Everett hurried home but discovered nobody there.

Later, Kenneth showed up in his van at Everett’s employment and said that Everett had been in an accident. He gave inconsistent accounts of where the family was, raising suspicion.

Investigations were sparked by family visits, which led to the discovery of faked signatures for an unlawful home sale and questionable modifications after a police inspection.

Kenneth escaped, despite the evidence became stronger. The FBI discovered bloodstains in his trailer in 1997. For failing to register as a sex offender and faking Lydia’s signature on a check, Kenneth was facing arrest. On Christmas Day 1997, Kenneth White tragically committed suicide in his detention cell without giving any reason for his conduct.

There are still unanswered mysteries following the disappearance of the Thompson family. The case continues to shock, horrify, and upend everyone, despite the fact that many internet users doubt the case’s veracity.  

What did the police discover in Thomson’s house?

Police were shocked to see the property in such a stable condition; everything was well organized and perfectly furnished. They discovered a basement after entering the property, which was concealed by a thick curtain.

When they opened it, they discovered a completely furnished room in the basement, along with additional rooms nestled inside of one another. These chambers went on forever, and the police continued discovering more rooms that were linked to one another.

The building’s construction was impressive and was designed with endless corridors and hallways. When the police looked at the building’s official plan or map, they were unable to locate the rooms or additions.

As a result, this situation is also known as “Thompson Family House Extension.” People wonder if the Thompson Extension is real or fake because the case is more than three decades old and the photographs show older construction.

The Thomson Family Murder Mystery!

Since 1985, the family has not been located, and no evidence of their murder, escape, or other crime has ever been made public. They simply disappeared, and to this day, no one knows where they lived.

The Thomson house has never been thoroughly examined, and the expedition was put on hold in the early 2000s as a result of numerous terrible incidents involving the various expedition parties.

Numerous deaths are connected to this case, but some of them were so horrific that, due to the sensitive nature of the information they contain, we are unable to even mention them here. Many people suffered awful experiences inside the extension, many of them fell brain dead and later passed away.

People’s Opinion on the Thomson Extension house

The Thomson extension house is the subject of numerous rumours and debates. Many individuals think that the house was possessed and the Thomson family was practicing black magic.

The Thomson Family Murders were a hot topic online. People also brought up the fact that the cops even found blood traces on the couch in one of the rooms.

The real outcome of the DNA test has still not been made public on the internet or on social media. People claim that the Thomson extension house might be a hoax, because there are no definite details regarding it. Many claimed that the stories about the house might just be a fiction.

The Thompson Extension Real Or Fake

The death of multiple people connected to the case might seem real, but it is fake, even though it seems to be a fictional scenario. Thomson family, who vanished in 1985, were never seen again, is the subject of this horrifying and frightening tale.

They left behind an enigmatic home with a basement and endless interconnected rooms. There is no new information or statement on this story. As a result, we have decided that it is not a true case.

It is merely a fictional horror story meant for entertainment. The events are present with accurate dating and are also in chronological order.

According to the series, numerous establishments began extension, but those were abandoned due to the team member’s deaths. The Thompson Extension Real Or Fake series has a total of four episodes which are available on YouTube.

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Who started the discussion of Thomson Family extension on social media?

According to sources, The Thompson Family Missing mystery was referenced in a TikTok video that was released by the baddreams1985 account.

Did Thomson’s Family actually exists?

People claim that the story Thomson’s story might be a hoax because there are no definite details regarding it. Many claimed that the stories about the house might just be a fiction.

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