28 Days Haunted Real or Fake, Real Truth ?

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28 Days Haunted Real or Fake ? The reality horror series 28 Days Haunted real or fake has sparked a lot of debate on social media. There is no doubting that true-life paranormal TV shows have a viewership but It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Since, 28 Days Haunted doesn’t make an effort to persuade, it comes across more like a horror-reality show rather than a program on serious paranormal investigations. The experiment sites were picked by the researchers for the show because they are well-known for being “haunted.”

The audience’s reactions to the horror programs 28 days haunted have been conflicting. While some viewers consider it a manufactured show, others believe in paranormal activities.

Other Netflix programs, such as Dance Monsters and Ghost Hunters, kept the viewers guessing. However, the question on everyone’s lips is: is the Netflix horror reality series 28 Days Haunted fake or real?

What is the Concept of 28 Days Haunted?

The horror reality series “28 Days Haunted” on Netflix defies the conventional thinking regarding the field of paranormal research. Three groups of paranormal investigators are transported blindfolded to three different places, where they must remain for 28 days.

The 28-day limit is intended to support the assertions of Ed and Lorraine Warren, stars of the film, who said that 28 days was the ideal amount of time to thoroughly examine hauntings.

Numerous paranormal events are taking place in all three places. The teams must perform research to learn the details of their surroundings because they are not given any information about the accommodations they would be staying in.

The cast of the paranormal program includes Sean Austin, who plays a psychic medium, Tony Spera, Jereme Leonard, Amy Parks, Shane Pittman, Brandy Miller, Aaron Sagers, etc.

The three teams details are as follows.

  • The first of the three teams, made up of paranormal researchers Amy Parks, Ray Cozzi, and Shane Pittman, visited the Lumber Baron Inn in Denver, Colorado.
  • Another group visited Madison Dry Goods in North Carolina’s Madison. Only Brandy Marie Miller and demonologist Jereme Leonard were on this squad.
  • The last team, lead by medium Sean Austin, visited Captain Grant’s Inn in Preston, Connecticut, along with ghost hunters, tech gurus Nick Simons and Aaron Thompson, and paranormal investigators.

The investigators are unable to communicate with anyone outside during their stay, so they must uncover the mysteries that surround their temporary homes. Because it can be traumatic for children to watch, the haunted paranormal series is advised for people 16 and older.

28 Days Haunted case study

The manner these programs are actually filmed and edited presents an issue. If you believe what you see, you would have to admit that these haunted houses are actually haunted.

The team also employs tools like “spirit boxes” that appear to give spirits imprisoned in our world “voices.” It would appear that the ghosts are real at face value plus the claims made by certain investigators that they possess psychic abilities that allow them to communicate with and hear the dead.

The locations chosen all seem to be well-known paranormal hot spots, so it would not be surprising for someone on the team to realize where they are and to regurgitate what they remember about the place.

It must be highlighted that the investigators are on high alert right away because they spend a lot of time with night vision cameras in purportedly haunted sites. The easiest thing in the world for the editors to do is create a loud bang effect if they respond to anything on camera.

Various sounds, bumps, and crashes can be heard, and there have even been instances of objects moving on their own, such as cabinet doors opening and objects appearing to fall without being pushed. This evidence is not at anyway conclusive proof because it may be claimed of anything that appears to fall of its own free will.

It must be the simplest task in the world to make footage scarier for a viewership that has tuned in to be afraid because we all understand the power of meticulous editing and how much a piece of film can be doctored to change the original tone.

I’ll leave it to you to watch the show and pay attention to some of the team performances on top of everything else. Everything feels so contrived, and maybe it can be overlooked for the sake of enjoyment, but if that is the case, then 28 Days Haunted does appear false.

If you believe in paranormal activities, then this show can seems real to you. But still there is a question in everyone’s mind is 28 days haunted real or fake?

28 days haunted real or fake

The Netflix’s show 28 Days Haunted is real. It demonstrates the cause of the haunted house and makes an attempt to fix the issue. The theory of Ed and Lorraine, who went away before it could be proven, served as the basis for the show.

They were aware that it would take 28 days for them to become aware of live and dead spirits. The investigation is being carried out by the New England Society of Psychic Research (NESPR), a division of the Warrens Paranormal Research Society.

The host of these Netflix series is Tony Spera, the son-in-law of Warren. In the control room, he was observed along with paranormal journalist Aaron Sagers. They are in charge of supervising and managing the action taking place at the three distinct sites as well as the footage from each of the sites.

The program offers details on a range of ghost communication tools, including radios, mirrors, candles, and more. These techniques all shed light on the psychic’s interactions with spirits. More than 2000 hours of footage were shot by the three teams throughout the month-long experimental series filming.

28 Days Haunting reviews are good or bad?

  • The program has a 3.3 out of 10 rating on IMDB, with comments like “OMG, the cringiest show ever” and “Cheesy and fake to the highest degree.”
  • It has a dismal 32% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes and reviews with statements like “It is the most laughable attempt at a show I have ever seen” and “Very disappointed, it all seems so set up and contrived.”
  • The show has a two-star rating in The Guardian’s review, which also occasionally deems it “tasteless.”


What is 28 days haunted?

It is horror reality series that started on 21st October, 2022.

Is 28 Days Haunted real or fake?

Based on actual footage obtained from the haunted locations, 28 Days Haunted is authentic.

Does 28 Days Haunted follow a script?

No, 28 Days Haunted does not follow a script.

Should I watch 28 days haunted?

This is a show that will mostly appeal to viewers who are already very interested in the paranormal and won’t question what they are seeing, or those who recognize the presentation’s unintentional humour.

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