Review : Amazon dating is real or fake (Revealed)

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A website named Amazon dating is becoming increasingly famous among the people. This website looks exactly like the shopping website Amazon.

The products available on this website are similar to Amazon and the design of this website is also similar to Amazon. Now the question for people is whether this Amazon dating site is real or fake.

Amazon dating is real or fake

Amazon dating is a fake website and no one can shop from this website. This website is just a joke, says the owner of this website.

When you go to buy any product from this website, you will see that product free, however that product will never be delivered to you because this website is completely fake.

This website does not charge you for any product nor does it ask for your personal information to deliver the order. When you click to buy a product on this website, there comes the option of Buy Now and Add to Cart, just like Amazon.

When you click on Buy Now, the price of that product becomes zero. After this, if you click on place On order to take the order, your order also appears to be delivered to an unknown address.

Amazon Dating fake proof

If you do not believe that Amazon Dating is a fake website, then here I will show you the explanation given by the owner.

When you go to the FAQ section of this website, you will get answers to all your questions. He has clearly stated that this website is just a joke. It is also written in it that this website does not work.

You can see in the photo below what information is given about the website. If you want to contact the website owner then you can do this on this email “”.

Who created the Amazon dating website?

This website was created by AtlasAcopian, Suzy Shinn and Wojtek Witkowski / Thinko. For complete information about all these people you can click on this link –

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