Fabindia.live is real or fake

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Fabindia.live is real or fake: At present, a scam is going on on the internet in which a fake website is made which looks exactly like a shopping website. You will see clothes very cheaply on these shopping websites.

In the name of cheap, people order goods from these shopping websites and also make payment, after which those goods never reach their home and they get trapped in their scam.

Similar website Fabindia.live is fast becoming popular among people. Clothes are available on this website at very low prices. This website looks exactly like the real website but it is not

Fabindia.live is real or fake

Fabindia.live is a fake website and you should not buy any goods from it. If you buy any item from this, then you can get trapped in its trap.

This website has been designed in such a way that it looks exactly like a shopping website. Creating such a website is very easy. Nowadays many online stores have come which can create such a website in a few minutes.

When you shop from this website, you have to fill your details. They can also misuse your personal details. It is not very difficult to identify such fake online shopping website.

Here I will tell 5 such ways by which you can identify any fake online shopping website.

1.Products Review : Before buying goods from any online shopping website, definitely read the reviews of the product. Product reviews should be real. If the rating of all the products on the website is high, then that website can be fake.

2. Social Present : A real website definitely has an account on social media where it stays connected with people. If a website does not have a social media account, then obviously that website can be fake.

3. Customer Support : A real shopping website definitely has customer support so that it can solve the customer’s problem, so before shopping, you must check its customer support.

4. Product Detail : If the details of the product on a website are half incomplete or the details of that product do not match with its photo, then that website can be fake.

5. Ads : If Google’s ads are appearing on any online shopping website, then that website is completely fake because no real brand would want the customer to have any problem while buying its goods.

Conclusion : Hope you must have understood that Fabindia.live is real or fake. Here let me tell one more thing, when you search Fabindia.live in Google, the website of Fabindia.com appears.

This is a real shopping website, in fact Fabindia.live website is not visible on searching in Google, it may be that this website is closed now.

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