Girl Sues Parents For Being Born Real Or Fake

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Girl Sues Parents For Being Born Real Or Fake is now a trending topic on TikTok. It has currently over 2 million views and almost 20,000 comments. Now on TikTok, A New Jersey woman has joked that she sued her parents after they gave birth to her without her consent. It is a joke which is joked by a Jersey woman. So, girl sues parents for being born is fake.

It is a TikTok Video, Which is created by Kass Theaz, a TikTok creator. She claimed that she had sued her parents after they gave birth to her Without her permission. She joked about her parents that they didn’t try to contact me anyway before I was born to see if I actually wanted to be here.

In this article, we will find the real or fake truth about the TikTok Video Creator, Who recently posted a video in which she joked about her parents because they gave her birth without her permission.

Who Is Kass Theaz?

Kass Theaz is a TikTok video creator and also an Instagram reels creator who is known for her satirical content.  Kass Theaz’s TikTok i’d is (@isatandstared), where she has 291.2k Followers.

She has also a Insta I’d, where her name is “isatandstared” with 16K Followers, 60 Following, 150 Posts.

Kass Theaz’s content always involves such topics such as existential philosophy, negativity, and the absurdity of life. She also creates funny videos and relatable videos.

Her videos are also thought-provoking. The latest video of Kass Theaz is trending on The TikTok platform, Where she created a video to sued her parents for giving her birth without her permission.

This is hot topic of nowadays on the social platforms. In the Video, She joked about her parents why they didn’t ask me to give birth. She feels like her parents have ruined her life. This TikTok Video Has over 10 million views and has been shared thousands of times.

Her videos are liked by many people for her humor, Intelligence, and originality. She has been also making many articles and interviews, and She has also been invited to speak at conferences. 

The Viewers of Kass Theaz’s have to point that her contents are satirical. She does not actually believe that She sued her parents for giving her birth, or her life is now worthless.

She created this video to make people think about the world in a another way. She is a unique and remarkable content creator, who is using her platform to make a thought-provoking video.

Is Girl Sues Parents Born Real Or Fake

Girl Sues Parents For Being Born is Fake Because this is a Joke. Recently Kass Theaz, Who is a TikTok content creator, Created a video where she is joked about her parents.

She said in this video that she sued her parents for giving her birth without her consent. Why didn’t they contact me before giving me birth in this world? 

She had recently mentioned in her last video, that she had gone to buy clothes for her own children. After seeing that video, a lot of people got shocked and asked me you have your own children because i have sued my parents to having me without my permission. 

“So she sued her parents. She said, you know they helped me to conceive and my mother raised me and also she gave birth to me. That’s why I sued my parents because I didn’t give him permission to be here. I was unaware that when I grew up, I Had to find a job to support myself.” This is a joke which is said by Kass Theaz. 

And She also Said that i didn’t give them permission to that. They didn’t try to contact me before giving me birth. I was born to see if i actually wanted to be here, that’s why I sued my parents.

Kass Theaz said in her video, she had adopted her children. She had no role in thinking her children without their consent. Kass Theaz Said, “It’s not my fault that they’re here.

If you are pregnant right now you need to go, you need to hire a psychic medium and ask if they actually wanna be here.” Otherwise, They will sue you because my main aim to teach children to sue their parents, so they don’t have to work.

How she ended up with her children, Kass Theaz claims that adopting the children is different from giving birth to them. “ When you adopt children then It’s different because it’s not my fault that they are here. I am just trying to be a good person and trying to help them. You know what I mean?” This is said by Kass Theaz in her video.

So viewers are a bit confused this week. They didn’t realise that Theaz’a Account was satire. After uploading this TikTok video many people commented on the video and many people can’t understand about the video.

Some of the interesting comments are:

Many viewers comment on different thoughts Such as ‘Is this real?, you need help, and 10,000,000 Facepalms.’

One of the viewer said “ I’m pregnant and my baby has told me that they are excited to be born “On this comment Kass Theaz “Congrats!” her.

Another One said “ I wish my child would sue me, if it happens then i would also sue them for all the money I had to put out over the years. Lol, I have seen it all”

After reading this article you know the real or fake facts about Girl Sues Parents For Being Born.

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