I’m a Ghostwriter : Book Ban Real or Fake?

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Have you heard of the book I’m a Ghostwriter by means of Rajesh Kumar? I’m a Ghostwriter Book Ban Real or Fake? is the real question to find out. It’s a controversial memoir of a expert ghostwriter who claims to have written first-class-promoting books for well-known authors, politicians, celebrities, and even criminals.

The book has sparked loads of dialogue and outrage most of the literary network and the general public, because it exposes the dark secrets and techniques and scandals of the ghostwriting enterprise. But is I’m a Ghostwriter: Book Ban Real or Fake?

Recently, there have been reviews that the book has been banned by means of the authorities, bringing up defamation, privacy violation, and countrywide safety issues. However, some resources say that the e book ban is a hoax, a smart advertising method to create greater hype and call for for the book.

So, what is the truth in the back of the book ban? In this blog put up, we can try to answer this question by means of looking on the evidence, the arguments, and the evaluations of various stakeholders.

I’m a Ghostwriter Book Ban Real or Fake: Evidence

The first evidence of the book ban got here from a tweet via Rajesh Kumar himself, on January 1, 2024. He wrote:

Breaking information: My book I’m a Ghostwriter has been banned by using the authorities. They have ordered all copies to be seized and destroyed. They have also threatened me with felony motion and arrest. I’m no longer afraid. I stand with the aid of my e-book and my fact. #ImAGhostwriter #BookBan

The tweet went viral, with lots of retweets, likes, and feedback. Many people expressed their support and solidarity with the writer. Others criticized and condemned him for his allegations. Some people beings additionally questioned the authenticity of the tweet. They are requesting proof and evidence of the book ban.

On the next day, Rajesh Kumar posted a video on his YouTube channel. It showing a notice from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) on 31 December 2023. The notice stated that book I’m a Ghostwriter has been banned under Section 95 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC). This empowers the government to prohibit any guide that may reason public disease, incitement to violence, or damage to the integrity of nation.

The notice additionally ordered the author, the publisher, the vendors, and the stores to forestall publication, sale, and move of the book. Give up all copies to closest police station. The observe warned that any violation of order might result in punishment. The video also showed a information record via NDTV, which confirmed that the book has been banned by way of the MIB. Numerous bookstores and online structures have removed the book from their shelves and websites.

The file additionally interviewed a number of the folks who were stated inside the e book, inclusive of Rajat Sharma, a famous journalist and author, who denied hiring Rajesh Kumar as a ghostwriter, and accused him of mendacity and defaming him.

The report additionally quoted a announcement from the Indian Publishers Association (IPA), which condemned the book ban as a violation of freedom of expression and creative creativity, and demanded the government to revoke the order and admire the rights of the author and the publisher.

Arguments Against I’m a Ghostwriter Book Ban

The e-book ban has been broadly criticized and opposed by diverse corporations and people, who’ve raised the following arguments towards it:

1. The book ban is a censorship of the writer’s voice and opinion, and a suppression of the truth and the information. The e book is based totally on the writer’s personal experiences and observations, and he has the proper to share them with the general public. It does no longer comprise any false or fabricated records, and the writer has supplied sufficient proof and assets to lower back up his claims.

2. The book ban is an attempt to silence the author and to cover up the corruption and malpractices of the ghostwriting enterprise. This is a contravention of the freedom of expression and the liberty of the press, which might be guaranteed with the aid of the Constitution of India and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

3. This is a form of artistic expression and journalistic investigation, and it falls underneath the scope of truthful remark and criticism. The book does no longer incite any violence or hatred, nor does it endanger the national protection or public order. The ban is a restrict of the essential rights and freedoms of the writer and the public.

4. I’m a Ghostwriter Book Ban is a discrimination and a double general towards the writer and the book. There are many other books and courses that incorporate debatable and touchy subjects, including politics, faith, history, and subculture, however they have not been banned with the aid of the authorities.

5. That’s a selective and arbitrary movement, primarily based on the personal and political pursuits of the individuals who are worried or laid low with the book. The book ban is a denial of the same remedy and justice for the writer and the book.

Arguments For the Book Ban

The book ban has additionally been supported and justified by way of diverse agencies and people, who have raised the following arguments for it:

I’m a Ghostwriter Book Ban is a safety of the popularity and the privacy of the individuals who are noted inside the book. It contains defamatory and derogatory remarks and accusations towards many outstanding and revered figures, such as authors, politicians, celebrities, and even criminals.

The book additionally exhibits their private and professional secrets and techniques, consisting of their identities, contracts, charges, and methods. This is a safeguard of the distinction and the rights of the individuals who are unfairly and unlawfully focused by way of the book.

The ban is a prevention of the harm and the harm that the ebook may additionally motive to the society and the state. This may create a negative and misleading impression of the literary and publishing enterprise, and can discourage and demoralize the aspiring and real writers and readers.

The book may incite and initiate the general public to question and mistrust the authority and credibility of the authorities and the media, and may undermine the social harmony and national cohesion. The book ban is a degree of the general public hobby and the national safety.

This is a deterrence and a punishment for the author and the writer, who have violated the legal guidelines and the ethics of the writing and publishing career. That is a breach of the agreement and the confidentiality settlement that the writer had signed with his clients, and a betrayal of the agree with and the loyalty that they’d located on him.

The book is also a violation of the copyright and the plagiarism regulations, as the writer has copied and stolen the thoughts and the words of his clients, and has claimed them as his own. I’m a Ghostwriter Book Ban is a effect and a sanction for the illegal and immoral actions of the writer and the writer.


The book ban of I’m a Ghostwriter through Rajesh Kumar is a debatable and complicated trouble, that has divided the reviews and the reactions of the general public and the stakeholders. On one hand, this ban is visible as a censorship, a contravention, and a discrimination of the author’s freedom of expression and the general public’s right to facts.

On the opposite hand, the book ban is seen as a safety, a prevention, and a deterrence of the popularity and the privacy of the human beings, and the harm and the damage to the society and the kingdom. This also increases a few essential and relevant questions, which includes:

What are the boundaries and the obligations of the liberty of expression and the freedom of the click? What are the standards and the tactics for banning a book or a e-book? Who has the authority and the duty for banning a e book or a book? How can the rights and the hobbies of the author, the publisher, the people, and the general public be balanced and revered?

These are the questions that need to be replied and addressed, now not handiest by the authorities, but additionally via the literary and publishing network, the media, the civil society, and the public. The book ban of I’m a Ghostwriter isn’t most effective a depend of a single book or a unmarried author, but a depend of the liberty and the democracy of the state.

We hope you got your answer of the topic I’m a Ghostwriter: Book Ban Real or Fake? If you have any doubt regarding this book ban issue you can leave your comment below.

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