Kandahar giant real or fake ? Know The Real Truth

The story of kandahar giant.

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You have definitely heard about the giant, big foot, yeti etc. And you may have the interest to know about them. If you research of these mysterious community, you get the name of kandahar giant which was more realistic because it was told by military soldiers.

Today, I am going to tell about the giant of kandahar and how it had met with team of military while patrolling in the mountains of afganistan.  Must read the full article to know about kandahar giant.

Physical apprearence of khandahar giant 

Kandahar giant is like a human but it a has some difference as he was 3 times than normal man of 21st century. He had 6 fingers on his each hand and 6 toes on each foot. His hair and beard was red with two rows of teeth on his mouth.

He worn animal skin and smell of dead bodies is coming out from him. His foot is covered with animal skin to protect his sole of foot and a javelin weapon has on his hand.

Story on the kandahar giant

According to the data present on the internet, In 2002, the US military was patrolling in the mountains of Afghanistan then, a team was found missing and to go on search operation an another team assigned.

The another team went on search operation and after travelling about 4 kilometres, they found some military equipments on the ground anf followed the path and that path end on the opening of a cave.

They found some military communication equipments with some skeleton out of some belong to human. Then, some sound came from the can that anyone is coming from the cave with speed and within a second a giant (kandahar giant) came out and take a soldier of his javelin.

The entire team was in shocked and  fired on the giant with a sound fire on his face with in 30 seconds(weapons like M’-4’S, 308’S, and barrett 50’S on fireing the giant get down on the ground. 

After the incident, the aur craft was calledand liaded the giant on it and no one knows what happen with the giant.

Kandahar giant real or fake (My opinion)

The kandahar story may be right as many people has told including the military. It may be real or fake but if the team died then, it is must be told by the government. And also every living creature have right to know about yhe other creature on this earth.

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