Matt Rife Viral Video “The Lazy Hero” Full Explain

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Standup comedian Matt Rife became an overnight sensation when his viral video titled “Lazy Hero” took the internet by storm. Matt Rife showcased his comedian talents in this viral clip, showcasing a character that audiences around the world loved.

So here in this article, I will tell you the complete details about Matt Rife Viral Video Lazy Hero. If you want to know the complete details about Matt Rife’s viral video titled “Lazy Hero” then please read this article completely to know the answer to all your questions.

Who is Matt Rife?

Matt Rife is an American actor and a stand-up comedian. He is best known for the comedy shows he created such as Onlyfans (2021), Walking Red Flag (2023), and Matthew Steven Rife (2023).

He is also famous for his frequent rap shows and Wild’ N Out. Many television shows have been done by him, some of which are this. Bring the funny, Fresh off the Boat, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Matt Rife started his career as a comedian at the age of 15. In the initial phase, he used to perform in a club in his hometown of Columbus which is in Ohio State.

He very quickly created a good image for himself and in 2019 he started his first comedy show on OnlyFans. The first video was created and directed by himself.

What is Matt Rife’s Viral Video Lazy Hero?

Matt Rife started posting videos on TikTok in 2020. Most of the videos posted by him are of stand-up comedy which is very much liked by the people. 

Out of which one video went viral and its name was “Lazy Hero” where he was doing a standup comedy on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon”. 

Matt Rife is known for his crowd performances where the audience asks him questions and he answers them in his humorous style.

Matt Rife Tiktok Viral Video “Lazy Hero”

The viral video titled Lazy Hero was uploaded to TikTok on July 30, 2022. As soon as the video was uploaded, the video went viral and became a sensational clip on social platforms.

Within a few days, the video got about 39 million views, 5 million likes, and 29 thousand comments on TikTok. And it is also popular on other social platforms.

In the viral video of Matt Rife doing standup comedy, he can be seen talking to a woman in the audience. In which the woman has recently broken up with her boyfriend.

The woman tells Matt Rife that her ex “did not do anything”, although her ex-boyfriend worked in the emergency room at the hospital.

Then Matt Rife asked the woman whether “He did not do anything wrong? or his life?” 

Woman Said “In Life”.

 Matt asked, “Did he have not a job the entire time when you guys were together”. She Said “He did the job, He worked in the Emergency Room at the Hospital.

Matt Rife told the woman, “Oh, I am sorry, You broke up with a hero.” Matt asked to woman “So how did he not do anything if he worked in the ER? Was he the janitor?

The woman said, “Well I guess, aside from his ER work”, if he did not do any work he did not do anything.

Matt Rife said, “Aside from his ER work, he did not do anything?”  Then he tells in the way of comedian style talking about how he was trying to “Save lives” and maybe needed some rest after work.

We later came to know that the woman was speaking, she worked in the baggage services of American Airlines.

In the last scene of the viral video, Matt Rife said that the baggage that was actually at the airport. It was also a joke.

Matt Rife’s First Viral TikTok

Matt Rife’s first viral video was a short sketch named “He Smells Like A Hero”. This video was uploaded by him in July 2023.

In This video, Matt Rife plays the role of a cowboy in which he is hailed as a hero for saving a woman’s life who is hanging in a burning building.

However, it was later revealed that he was a lazy person who was at the right place at the right time. 

The video went viral overnight and garnered 20 million views in a very few days. Due to this Matt rife very soon became the sensational creator of TikTok.

His followers started increasing very rapidly on TikTok and many of his videos went viral, out of which most of the videos he did were of stand-up comedy.

Matt Rife On the Tonight Show

Here are some of Matt Rife’s Videos on the Tonight Shows Starring Jimmy Fallon and Kelly Clarkson Shows:


Matt Rife’s first video

The first video of Matt Rife is where he is playing the role of a cowboy who is hailed for saving the life of a woman from the fired building.

Who is Matt Rife?

Matt Rife is an American actor and comedian. He is well known for his live-performing stand-up comedy shows and also for his television shows.

How popular is Matt Rife?

Matt Rife is very popular on many social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. On TikTok, he has approximately 17 million followers.

How old is Matt Riff?

Matt Rife is 28 years old. He was born on 10 September 1995 in Columbus city of Ohio State. He started performing at the age of 15.

Does Matt Rife have a podcast?

Yes, Matt Rife has a podcast. Which is very popular on the internet and also listened to by many users every day. Such as Matt Rife Green Eggs and Dan. 

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