Meesho 9 rupees sale real or fake

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Meesho Blockbuster Sale has started. This sale will run from 6 October to 13 October. In this, 9 rupees sale has attracted people’s attention. People have a question whether 9 rupees sale is real or fake.

Those who do not know what is 9 rupees sale, what are its benefits? Whether this sale is real or fake, here I am going to tell you about it, so let us know.

Meesho 9 rupees sale

  • Meesho 9 rupees sale date & Time : 9 October to 13 October

In 9 Rupees sale you will get all the products for 9 rupees. This sale will run from 9 October to 13 October. In this, fresh deals will be seen every 2 hours.

You can see new items every two hours and buy them for Rs 9. There are limited products in 9 rupees sale. You can buy any product as per your wish.

In 9 rupees sale, only a few products are available for 9 rupees, the rest of the products are priced at Rs 49 and Rs 99.

Meesho 9 rupees sale real or fake

In Meesho 9 rupees sale, you can get a fresh deal within two hours but as soon as you go to buy the item, it becomes out of stock. 9 rupees sale remains active for half an hour after opening but before that all its products become out of stock.

In this, all the products are not only of 9 rupees but also of 49 rupees and 99 rupees, so if you are thinking that all the products in this sale will be of 9 rupees then you were thinking wrong.

The worst thing about this sale is that immediately after the start of the sale, the product becomes out of stock due to which you are not able to buy any product. Actually Meesho 9 rupees sale has been created only to create confusion in the minds of people.

Hardly anyone is able to shop in this sale, hence I believe that Meesho 9 rupees sale is fake and no one can shop in it. If you want to try then you can try, maybe luck will favor you and you will be able to buy a product for Rs 9.

Meesho Blockbuster Sale

Meesho Blockbuster Sale has started, this sale will run from 6th October to 13th October. In this sale you can get up to 80% discount on goods.

The price of goods in this sale starts from Rs 49, that is, you can buy the goods from Rs 49. By purchasing goods in this sale, you also get Smart Coins, using which you can get discount on the goods.

If you have 100 Smart Coins then you can get a discount of Rs 100. In this, the price of 1 Smart Coins is equal to 1 rupee.

meesho 9 rupees sale sold out problem

Meesho 9 rupees sale ends even before it starts. In this, all the products become out of stock very quickly. If you are also facing this problem then you should wait for some time because the products come in stock after some time.

You have to book the products when they come in stock. It may take some time for the product to be in stock, so please wait a bit.

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