My First Ankle Monitor Toy real or fake | Complete Review with Proofs

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My First Ankle Monitor Toy real or fake ? People on the internet are perplexed by a social media sensational video showing an ankle monitor. In the video, a device called “My First Ankle Monitor” is shown being used to track kids. 

The video is similar to other influencer product reviews, begins with a voiceover that seems unimportant but actually states: “If you’re a parent of a young child and you’re not getting enough sleep at night, I’m betting it’s because your children will not stay in their room. Before lately, when I discovered this ankle monitor in Walmart, that was also my issue.

Voiceover carries on. “Using strategies from criminal rehabilitation to improve children’s lives. Your toddler’s leg can be readily strapped with the gadget, which then works nonstop to keep your child where they belong.

The voiceover continues by describing another app with “awesome features” that not only allows parents to track their children but also has the ability to “shock” them if they are doing inappropriately.

 Viewers’ responses to the video’s broad distribution on social media sites have varied. But is it true? In this article, we will explore the origins of the my first ankle toy circulated on TikTok and the reasons behind its popularity.

What is First Ankle Toy ?

My First Ankle Monitor Toy real or fake

My First Ankle Monitor, a phony toy made by artist legbootlegit, is marketed as a way to keep your child in their bed and “prepare your mini me for its future house arrests.”

It looks like a red-and-yellow plastic ankle monitor intended for kids. Late in July 2023, the artist uploaded a video to Instagram and TikTok exhibiting the My First Ankle Monitor by Little Yikes.

The video quickly gained popularity and sparked comments and posts on social media, including those who seemed to think the toy was a genuine item.


The tiktok video posted on August 1, 2023  has viewed more than 21 million times, showed ankle toy for children which can help parents to track their children’s activities.

The simple plastic children’s toy is made exactly real ankle monitor, with a red square, yellow strap that wraps around the foot. But people are calling this product “inhumane” and asking that is this a real product.  

Origin of the Video:

Artist and Tik Toker @legbootlegit, known for creating and making videos about spoof and parody products, like the ‘The winner of the Google First Search Award’ has posted a video showcasing Little Yikes’s My First Ankle Monitor.

The item is a kid-sized ankle monitor that police use to keep convicts under house arrest. The video illustrates how parents may specify the area(s) in the house they wish their child to stay in by attaching the ankle monitor to their child and using the My First Ankle Monitor app.

If the child leaves that area, they will receive a notification on their phone and can electrify the youngster if they choose. In one day, the video received over 23.4 million views on TikTok and over 28,000 likes on Instagram.

My First Ankle Monitor Toy real or fake

The entire thing is a hoax. The ankle monitor is fake, and the viral video is purely satirical.  However, the fact that it appears to be displayed in a store, as well as the item’s professional-looking branding, photography, cinematography, and voiceover, provide it some degree of credibility. However, the video itself discreetly reveals it.

When users on TikTok noticed the product’s corporate logo, which read “Little Yikes,” blatantly parodying the children’s toy brand Little Tikes, they realized it was a joke.

A short glance at the product’s box at the start will reveal additional evidence. The product itself and the top right corner of the box both have the phrase “little yikes,” which is an obvious spoof of the common children’s Little Tikes is a manufacturer of toys.

Messages like “Make sure that little snot stays in the room” and “Prepare your mini me for its future house arrests” can be seen on the bottom left of the box. In the meanwhile, it says on the box’s bottom: “See back panel for exclusive parole officer discount offer.”

@legbootlegit, the prankster behind the video who goes by the alias Justin, worked with artist @shampoooty to make the bogus item. Similar goods are produced by the artist for his company Kids Toys, Adult Issues, which specializes in adultizing children’s toys.

Legboot’s Response:

Legboot revealed to Newsweek that the concept came from a joint project with Instagram user @shampoooty, whose continuing Kids Toys art series. “Putting everything together probably took me around a month to do, since this is a hobby and I have two day jobs.

I could have knocked it out in a few days otherwise,” Legboot said. “I’ve only received one email from someone requesting a dozen of them to use as joke gifts. I got a lot of “I need this” and “Where to buy?” responses from parents of toddlers on social media, but the bulk of those were from individuals who got the joke.

While @shampoooty designed the actual ankle monitor, @legbootlegit was the brains behind not only the packaging but also the phony mobile application. If you visit @legbootlegit’s TikTok profile, you’ll discover even more satirical movies of various false goods.

Startling responses from the viewers:

Everyone was in full amazement after the video was posted hundreds of times on Tik Tok in a single day before they realized it was a hoax. 

Someone asked: “Wait, is this real?”

Another person chimed in, “Not me buying it from Google.”

You had me for a second, said a third individual.

Another person remarked, “Until you zapped the youngster, I thought this was real.

Another person said, “I really believed this to be true until the very end.”

Others, however, immediately realized it was a joke, with one adding “This made me laugh so much” and another joked, “Does it come with a parole officer?” The video’s @legbootlegit creator is well-known for his practical jokes.

He captioned the video that showed him putting the fake ankle monitor on his son and trying to “zap” him, “As a parent I’m finally getting a good night’s sleep.”


The Ankle Monitor for Children is real?

The Ankle Monitor for Children is not real. It was Created and Posted by the TikTok user who is specialized for creating such phony products.

When is the Ankle Monitor Video posted?

The Ankle monitor video was posted on TikTok by user named @legbootlegit on Tuesday, August 1 and went viral with more than 21 million views on the platform alone.

What is the work of Ankle Monitor for kids?

“My First Ankle Monitor” is made to keep tabs on kids. According to video, the device has an app that lets parents keep tabs on their children’s whereabouts and activities. 

What is an ankle monitor used for ?

In the criminal justice system, ankle monitors are frequently utilized as an alternative to jail for nonviolent offenders, people who are being held pending trial, or those who are on parole or probation. Authorities can keep an eye on the person’s whereabouts and make sure they abide by court-imposed limitations, such as staying in restricted zones or keeping curfew hours.

Who is a TikTok user @legbootlegit?

TikTok user @legbootlegit has gained popularity for creating amusing videos featuring spoof or parody products, such as the viral McDonald’s Charcoal Denim Burger and Snoop Dogg’s Uncured Glizzles My Nizzles. Some of his creations have even become so in-demand that they are available for sale or bidding.

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