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Did you get a postcard or email about a Verizon wireless class action settlement? You’re not alone. Several Reddit users posted notices they received that claimed they’re eligible to get up to $100, and they want to know if they’re legit.

So let’s verify. Our sources are court documents in the Esposido v. Selco partnership lawsuit and Verizon Wireless. In November 2023, customers filed a class action lawsuit against Verizon, accusing the wireless company of tacking on an an administrative fee to their bills without first disclosing the charge.

The case was quickly settled with Verizon, agreeing to pay up to $100 for each eligible customer while admitting no wrongdoing. Settlement administrators say they’re sending postcards or emails to people who pay an administrative fee between January first, 2016, and November eighth, 2023. Real or fake

If you think you’re eligible and didn’t receive an email or a postcard, then you can visit verisonadministrativecharge settlement. Com to contact a claims administrator. So yes, the Verizon Class Action Settlement Notifications are real.

Verizon tells Verify it will continue to charge the administration fee at the center of the lawsuit, but plans to better disclose it to customers. With your Verify, I’m Brandon Louis.

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