Yellow Spring Road Japan Real Or Fake ?

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A TikTok video that went viral named “Yellow Spring Road in Japan” had been tagged as ‘places on earth that do not feel real’. After the video went viral, many questions started rising in people’s minds and they were desperate to know whether It was real Or fake.

So here, in this article, I will tell you the facts about whether Yellow Spring Road Japan Is Real Or Fake. If you want to know the complete details about Yellow Spring Road then please read this article completely to know the answer to all your questions.

Is Yellow Spring Road Japan Real Or Fake ?

Yellow Spring Road is not in Japan as shown in the video but there is a park named Showa Kinen Park similar to the scene shown in that TikTok Viral video. There is a very beautiful tree on both sides of the road of this park, whose name is Ginkgo Tree.

The Ginkgo tree is known for its fan-shaped leaves, which resemble the leaves of the maidenhair fern. Its leaves are green in spring and summer, and turn bright yellow in Autumn. 

Showa Kinen Park becomes very beautiful in Autumn because of its yellow leaves. This park has become a very famous place in Japan where many people come to visit.

About Showa Kinen Park, Japan

Showa Kinen Park is the most famous park in Tokyo, Japan. Due to the canal-like road, It extends for some Distance. The specialty of Showa Kinen Park is the Ginkgo tree which is planted on both sides of the road of that park. 

Which looks very attractive. In Autumn, The leaves of those Ginkgo trees turn Yellow and gradually fall on the roads due to which the roads become yellow in color and look very beautiful

What is Ginkgo Trees ?

Ginkgo trees are ancient and unique trees that have been on the planet for more than millions of years. Ginkgo trees look very beautiful, their normal height is 20 to 35 meters. 

It is also known as maidenhair trees. Ginkgo trees first appeared in the Permian period. They are native to China, but now they are cultivated all over the world. 

Ginkgo Trees Fruit

Ginkgo trees also produce fruits which are known as Ginkgo Nuts or Seeds. According to Chinese tradition, these fruits have been used as medicines for centuries.

The fruits of the female Ginkgo tree are about 2cm long and their outer layer is light soft, fleshy, and yellow in color, which looks very tasty and attractive for humans and animals.

But In the fruit, there is a type of acid that is known as butyric acid, due to this acid the fruit keeps smelling like rancid butter or vomiting. This acid is very poisonous for humans, which is why this fruit is not for humans to eat.

Origin of The Viral Video

The Video of Yellow Spring Road, which is in Japan, has been posted by many social media users on many social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. But it is not yet known who made this video and why. 

Many people believe that this video has been made digitally or that the video has been filmed. The video may have been made by one person and shared with others.

Yellow Spring Road Japan Where Is It Located

There is no such place which is known as Yellow Spring Road in Japan. But there is a Park in Japan whose name is Showa Kinen Park. There are many Ginkgo Trees that turn a brilliant shade of Yellow in autumn. 

As shown in the viral video, the leaves of the trees are very yellow which are all around the road. There is no place like the one shown in the video. That video has been made digitally.

Yellow Spring Road Japan Best Time To Visit

Like the yellow spring road shown in the viral video, it is not like Japan but there is a similar park in Japan that we can visit in all three seasons – Spring, Summer, and Autumn, and we will get to see different views at all three times.

In spring you can go to Showa Kinen Park. At that time all the flowers of the park bloom. The cherry blossoms and poppies look very beautiful and a flower festival is also celebrated there between March to May.

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