Golden fake or real, Know Real Truth

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Golden website is in discussion among the people. Clothes are available on this website at very cheap rates. Kurtis, shoes etc. are available on this website for just Rs 100. Many people have a question in their mind, is Golden fake or real.

If you also want to know whether Golden is fake or real then in this post I have told about it, so let us know its truth.

About Golden

Golden is an online shopping website where the best clothes, shoes, airpods, t-shirts etc. are seen being sold between Rs 50 to Rs 100. Western wear, sarees, lehengas, kurtis and dresses will be seen being sold on this website.

Many people are wondering whether this website is real or fake after seeing the goods at such a cheap price on this site. Due to cheap goods, many people are visiting this website daily.

Golden fake or real

Golden is a fake website and you cannot shop from here. Google ads are visible on this website. Google ads do not appear on a genuine shopping website.

When you buy any item from this website, there is no option to make payment. In this, only Cash of Delivery option is given for payment.

When you choose the option of Cash On Delivery, your order never reaches your home. After the order is confirmed, a message comes to your email in which it is written that the order has been confirmed but that too is fake.

How to cancel order on golden biz

There is no option to cancel the order in Golden biz, so if you want to cancel your order, you cannot do it. Therefore, before ordering in this app, please do proper research.

How is Golden fake?

Golden is a website. I am saying this because Google’s ads are visible in it. Google ads are not visible in a real company

Apart from this, when you click on the order, you will see the option of Sign in when the order is visible. This proves that when you place an order, that order is never confirmed.


What is Golden biz ?

Golden biz is an online shopping website where you can buy clothes, shoes, t-shirts at cheap rates.

Golden biz real or fake ?

Golden biz is a fake website. Whatever product you buy in this will never reach your home.

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