Hebe Trading app is Real or fake

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In this article we will know about Hebe trading app, is this app real or fake? In today’s time, people have started taking great interest in trading. People think that they can earn lakhs of rupees in a very short time through trading.

New trading apps are also being launched in the market. A new trading app named Hebe trading app is much discussed. People’s question is whether they can earn money by trading from this app, is this trading app real or fake.

About Hebe Trading App

Hebe Trading App is a trading App. To trade in it, you have to sign up for it, for which you must have an email ID and phone number.

After registering in this app, you become ready to trade in it. No email verification or mobile verification is asked while registering.

In this app, in the name of customer support, a link to Telegram or WhatsApp is available. Neither any customer care support number nor any other number is available in this.

In this you can trade by investing at least Rs 5000. To trade, you have to deposit at least Rs 5000. Only after this you will be able to trade

Hebe trading app is real or fake

Hebe Trading App is a fake app. Many people are saying that this is a real app, so I want to tell them that this kind of app gives money in the beginning to win trust but later runs away with all the money.

Hebe trading app is a fake app. A real trading app is registered with SEBI and your shares are safe in their SP only. But there is nothing like this in this app.. This app is not registered with SEBI..

When you deposit money for trading in this app, money comes in but at the time of withdrawal, your money does not go out. In a real trading app, live data of people buying and selling shares is visible but nothing like this happens in it.

Apart from Hebe trading, many fake trading apps are available on Play Store like Octa Fx, Binomo, Guru Trade 7, Rubik Trade etc.

Final word – Nowadays, fake trading apps are being launched every day. In their ads, people are shown living a very luxurious life due to which people get attracted and download their apps.

Let me tell you, a real trading app is registered with SEBI and pays tax to the Government of India whereas a fake trading app is not registered with SEBI. This type of app does not even consider it necessary to verify your mobile number.

This means that if for some reason your account gets deleted, your data also gets deleted along with it and your money also gets lost. This is because this app does not verify your mobile number, due to which your fixed account cannot be created.

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