Groww App Real or Fake | Complete Review

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Groww App is an investment and trading app. Many people have questions in their minds whether this Groww App is real or fake. If you also have a question whether this app is real or fake, then let me tell you that this app is completely real.

Groww App is a SEBI registered app. Its SEBI Registered No is INZ000208032. You can use Groww App for investing and trading. You do not have to pay any money to open an account in this app. Apart from this, there is no need to pay annual AMC charges.

If you want to download Groww App, then you can download it by clicking on the link below.

Groww App Download

Groww Information

Groww App is the broker with the most active users in India. Earlier this title was with Zerodha but now it is with Groww.

Groww is the best app for investing in share marketing and mutual fund investing. Most people use it only for trading and investing. If you want to hold shares for a long time then Groww is the best app.

I have also invested in this app and currently it is the broker with the most active users. This app has had 5 crore downloads on Play Store. Its rating is 4.3 which is a very good rating.

You can use Groww App for the following purposes.

  1. Stock Investing
  2. Mutual Fund Investing
  3. ETFs Investing
  4. IPO Investing
  5. F/O Trading
  6. Intraday Trading
  7. US Stock Investing
  8. Money Transfer Via UPI
  9. Check Bank Balance
  10. Pay bills & Mobile Recharge

Groww App Account Opening

Opening an account in Groww App is very easy. If you want to open an account only for investing, then income proof will not be required, but if you want to trade in it, then income proof will be required.

To open an account in Groww, you must have the following documents:

For Identity Proof

  • PAN card

Address Proof

  • driver license
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Voter’s ID Card

Others Details

  • Bank Details
  • Signature
  • Photo

Follow the following steps to open an account in Groww App.

  1. Verify by filling email ID and mobile number
  2. Fill personal details and bank account details
  3. Complete KYC with PAN card
  4. E-Sign
  5. Boom, your application goes under review.
  6. Before using Groww, it is important to know about its charges.

Groww App Charges

Stock Charges

  1. Account Opening & AMC Charges – In this you can open an account for free and do not have to pay annual AMC charges.
  2. Equity Brokerage – Brokerage will be charged on Delivery Trade, whichever is less, Rs 20 or 0.05%.
  3. Future & Options Brokerage – Rs 20/Executed order will be charged.
  4. DP Charges – Rs 20/Executed order

Mutual Fund Charges

  1. Account Opening – There is no charge to open the account.
  2. Transaction Charges – There is no charge to be paid for investing and withdrawing money.

Groww App Real or Fake

As I have mentioned earlier, Groww is a real app and you can easily invest and trade in it. This app has received 50 million downloads on the Play Store, which is a big thing.

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Best Thing of Groww App

Interface: Its interface is very simple so that everything is easily understood. This app is the best app for both beginners and advanced people.

Daily Report : In this, information about Gainers and Losers stock is given daily. So that we can know how which stocks performed on any given day.

Charges : Account opening and AMC charges are absolutely free so anyone can open an account for free.

Trading: Very good facility for trading has been provided in Groww App. In this you can easily see charts and use OI.

Stock Information : In this, you can get complete information about the company to invest in any stocks and can take the right decision and invest money.

Conclusion: Hope you have understood all the information in the article well and you must have understood whether Groww App is real or fake. You can follow our blog for latest posts.

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