Is Home Alone 3 (2024) Real or Fake?

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Everyone is asking Is Home Alone 3 (2024) Real or Fake? Home Alone is one of the most beloved and iconic Christmas movie franchises of all time. The first two films, starring Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister, a clever kid who defends his house from burglars with ingenious traps, are considered classics by many fans.

The subsequent sequels, which featured different actors and plots, failed to capture the same magic and charm of the original movies. Recently, a trailer for Home Alone 3 (2024) titled “Kevin’s Revenge” has gone viral on YouTube. People are in doubt Is Home Alone 3 (2024) Real or Fake?

Home Alone 3 2024 Trailer

The trailer claims that the movie will be released on December 25, 2024, and will feature Macaulay Culkin reprising his role as Kevin. He is now an adult and a successful security company owner. The trailer also shows scenes of Kevin setting up traps for his old enemies, Harry and Marv, who have escaped from prison and are seeking revenge.

Is Home Alone 3 (2024) Real or Fake? Is Macaulay Culkin really returning for a new Home Alone movie? In this blog post, we will try to answer these questions and provide some facts and evidence to support our conclusion.

Is Home Alone 3 (2024) Real or Fake?

Unfortunately, The video you saw is a pretend movie trailer, not a real one with Macaulay Culkin as Kevin. Sorry if you were excited for his return! It is not an official trailer from Disney. The studio that owns the rights to the Home Alone franchise, nor is it endorsed by any of the actors or filmmakers involved in the previous movies.

It is a fan-made trailer, created by a YouTube channel called “The Movie Trailer Guy”, who specializes in making fake trailers for movies that do not exist. The trailer is made by using clips and audio from various sources, such as the original Home Alone movies. Other movies starring Macaulay Culkin, interviews, commercials, and even video games.

The trailer also uses some editing techniques, such as deepfake technology, to make it look more realistic and convincing. However, upon closer inspection, one can notice some inconsistencies and flaws in the trailer, such as:

  • The quality and style of the footage varies from scene to scene, depending on the source.
  • Voice of Macaulay Culkin sounds different in some parts, as it is taken from different recordings.
  • The appearance of Macaulay Culkin changes throughout the trailer, as it is based on different stages of his life and career.
  • Actors who play Harry and Marv, Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, look much older than they did in the original movies, as they are now in their 70s and 60s, respectively.
  • The plot of the trailer does not make much sense, as it contradicts some of the events and details of the previous movies.

Home Alone 3 (2024) Trailer Fake Evidences

There is also plenty of evidence that proves that the trailer is fake and that there is no Home Alone 3 (2024) movie in the works. Here are some of the facts that support this claim:

1) Disney has not announced or confirmed any plans to make a new Home Alone movie with Macaulay Culkin. The only official Home Alone project that Disney has revealed is a reboot of the franchise for its streaming service, Disney+.

It will star Archie Yates as a new kid who gets left behind by his family and has to fend off thieves. Home Sweet Home Alone started playing in November 2021. Some people liked it, some didn’t. It wasn’t a huge hit, but it wasn’t a total flop either.

2) Macaulay Culkin has not expressed any interest or involvement in returning to the Home Alone franchise. In fact, he has mostly retired from acting and has focused on other ventures, such as his podcast, his website, and his band. Culkin sometimes jokes about being famous for Home Alone. He even made fun of sequels in a Google ad and a video with Ryan Reynolds. He think it’s pretty funny!.

3) The actors who play Harry and Marv, Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, have also moved on from the Home Alone franchise and have not shown any signs of reprising their roles. Joe Pesci has mostly retired from acting as well, and has only appeared in a few projects in the past decade, such as The Irishman (2019).

Daniel Stern has continued to act in various movies and TV shows, but has not worked with Macaulay Culkin or the Home Alone franchise since the second movie.

4) The creator of the fake trailer, The Movie Trailer Guy, has admitted that the trailer is fake and that he made it for entertainment purposes only. He also makes trailers for movies that aren’t real, like “The Old Guard 2.” He takes parts from other movies and noises and puts them together to make them seem real, like magic.

Now you slightly understood the context Is Home Alone 3 (2024) Real or Fake?


Therefore, based on the analysis of the trailer and the evidence presented, it is clear that the Home Alone 3 (2024) trailer is fake. There is no such movie in development. It is a fan-made trailer that uses existing footage and audio to create a hypothetical scenario of what a Home Alone sequel with Macaulay Culkin could look like.

While some fans may find the trailer amusing and nostalgic, others may find it misleading and disappointing. In any case, the trailer should not be taken seriously or as a confirmation of a new Home Alone movie.

The Home Alone franchise is still alive and well, but it has taken a different direction and has introduced new characters and stories. Whether or not these new versions can live up to the legacy of the original movies is a matter of personal preference and opinion.

One thing is clear, Macaulay Culkin will always be remembered and loved as Kevin McCallister. The kid who made us laugh and The one with the brilliant traps and funny jokes. We hope you got your final answer to the topic Is Home Alone 3 (2024) Real or Fake?

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