Seo Won Jeong news is real or fake ? (Revealed)

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A news about social media star Seo Won Jeong is spreading rapidly. He has been accused of sexual harassment. If his allegation is proved true then he could be jailed for seven years.

People who are watching this news cannot believe that Seo Won Jeong can do this. Let’s find out whether Seo Won Jeong news is real or fake.

Who is Seo Won Jeong

Seo Won Jeong is a famous Tik Tok star and content creator. He has 56 million followers on Tik Tok, 8 million subscribers on YouTube, and 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

He is known for his comedy videos. His real name is Wonjeong, his age is 27 years. He was born on 19 November 1996. He is a resident of South Korea.

He is famous for his famous dialogue “mamma”.

Seo Won Jeong news is real or Fake

There is news about Seo Won Jeong that he, along with his friend, has sexually harassed a girl. The police has also arrested him. If the charges against him are proved, he could be jailed for 7 years.

The matter is that he had gone out for a drink with his girlfriend. He made his girlfriend drink alcohol until she became unconscious. After this he went to his other friend’s house where he sexually assaulted the female friend until she regained consciousness.

On December 12, after the victim’s complaint, the police went to the accused’s house where Seo Won Jeong did not open the door, so the police had to take the help of the fire department.

When Seo Won Jeong was asked about this matter, he said that the relationship with the girl was based on mutual consent. The first hearing in the court is on January 17. Some conclusions are expected in this matter on the same day.

Conclusion – The news that has come out about Seo Won Jeong is completely real, although it is a little difficult to believe that Seo Won Jeong can do anything like this.

Seo Won Jeong looks like a very polite boy, he looks very innocent and simple, in such a situation, it is very difficult to expect from him that he has done this work.

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