Life of Luxury Youtube Channel Real or Fake: Explained

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Life of Luxury real or fake is the most common question ask by internet users. Life of Luxury is a popular YouTube channel that mix horror themes with a comedic twist. This youtube channel is Running by Parker Hodgeskari and Chester Beckington. The channel has gained over 6.7 million subscribers and 565 million views since its launch in 2015.

In this blog post we will explain about whether life of luxury real or fake? You will get to know every minute detail about their channel and scary videos. So stay with us till the end.

The Origins of Life of Luxury

In 2015, Parker and Chester started their YouTube journey with a channel called Luxury Pranks. They created prank videos on various subjects, such as catfishing, homeless people, and gold diggers. In 2019, they decided to rebrand themselves and launched the Life of Luxury youtube channel with a focus on horror content.

Their new series revolved around helping people who experienced paranormal activities in their homes. With low-budget special effects, creepy music, and jump scares, the videos were a parody of ghost hunting shows. They quickly gained popularity and became highly entertaining for many viewers.

Top 5 Most Popular Videos of Life of Luxury

  1. Her Son Can’t Stop Growing at Night: This video has 38 million views. In this video Parker and Chester investigate a woman’s claim about her son’s strange behavior and rapid growth at night. They soon discover that the boy is actually a monster who feeds on spinal fluid.
  2. Something Horrible Happened to Her Sister: This video has 31 million views. In this video Parker and Chester helping a woman who suspects something is wrong with her sister. The video ends with a cliffhanger as the woman is led into the forest by her creepy sister.
  3. We Found Him Watching Her Sleep: This video has 27 million views. In this Parker and Chester help a woman who suspects her male roommate of suspicious activities. They uncover the truth that he has been watching her sleep at night.
  4. She Really Needed Our Help, But It Was Too Late: With 26 million views, this video shows Parker and Chester assisting a woman who experiences strange phenomena in her inherited house. They discover a monster living in the basement.
  5. Something Is Wrong with Her Mom: This video has 21 million views. In this video Parker and Chester visiting a woman named Emma who believes someone is trying to break her house. They soon realize that the person they encounter is not actually Emma, as the real Emma is trapped in the basement.

How Life of Luxury Become So Popular?

Life of Luxury gain its viewers through its engaging content and various psychological factors:

  • Stimulation: These videos is a mix of negative and positive emotions, including fear, anxiety, and excitement. The adrenaline rush from scary situations panic the viewers feelings and energy.
  • Novelty: Life of Luxury provides novel experiences by presenting scenarios that are unlikely to happen in real life. This sense of adventure appeals to the audience.
  • Curiosity: The videos satisfy viewers’ curiosity about the characters’ experiences and their responses to the threats they encounter. This keeps the audience engaged with their humours.

Why People Watch Life of Luxury

Life of Luxury stands out from other horror channels on YouTube due to its uniqueness:

  • Humor and Irony: The channel has humor and irony into its videos, through sarcastic comments, jokes about the situations, and breaking the fourth wall. This mixture between horror and comedy enhances the entertainment value.
  • Low Budget Effects: Instead of relying on expensive or sophisticated effects, Life of Luxury uses simple props, costumes, makeup, and editing techniques to create its monsters and creatures. This adds a realistic and amateur feel, intensifying the humor and irony.
  • Suspense and Unresolved Endings: Many videos in the series end with suspense or unresolved endings, leaving viewers curious about the fate of the characters or creatures. This creates mystery and encourages further engagement through comments and theories.

Impact on the YouTube Horror Genre

Life of Luxury had a significant impact on the YouTube horror genre:

  • It has inspired other horror channels to create similar content or parody its videos.
  • Some channels have adopted Life of Luxury’s format, style, or characters, while others have made spoof or satire videos mocking its tropes and cliches.

Life of Luxury’s Other Channels

Parker and Chester also run other YouTube channels apart from Life of Luxury:

  • Luxury Dark: This channel focuses on Parker and Chester’s interactions with enigmatic and hazardous things purchased from the dark web. It has more serious and suspenseful channel compared to Life of Luxury.
  • Luxury Pranks, Luxury Reacts, and Luxury Shorts: These additional channels feature different content styles and formats, showcasing the versatility of Parker and Chester as creators.

Life of Luxury Real or Fake?

There are several evidence that suggest that Life of Luxury is fake. First of all, the channel’s videos are highly produced and edited, which suggests that they are not authentic. Additionally, the channel’s content is often over-the-top and exaggerated, which clearly shows that it is not real.

There have several reports suggest that the channel is fake. For example, a Reddit user posted a question about the channel, asking whether “Life of Luxury Real or Fake?” Many responses suggested that the channel was fake and the videos are misleading. 

Similarly, a post on the “Life of Luxury” wiki suggests that the channel’s videos are not real and they are creating this for entertainment purpose only.


Based on the evidence that we have seen in this blog, it seems that “Life of Luxury” is fake. While there are some counterarguments suggest that the channel is real, but they are not very convincing. The fact is Life of Luxury channel videos are edited, with the reports suggest that the videos are fake.

In conclusion, while Life of Luxury youtube channel may be entertaining to watch but it is probably not real. If you are looking for authentic horror content, you need to look and explore other channels.


What is the Life of Luxury?

The Life of Luxury YouTube channel is a horror channel that features videos of people exploring scary places. The videos are shot in a found footage style. The channel has gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to its unique content.

How did Parker Haj and Chester Beckington meet?

Parker Haj and Chester Beckington were childhood friends since school time. They share a house together and working together on Life of Luxury YouTube channel.

Who is behind the Life of Luxury YouTube channel?

The Life of Luxury YouTube channel is idea of Parker Haj and Chester Beckington. Parker Haj is an American YouTuber, filmmaker, CEO, and content creator. Chester Beckington is a filmmaker and content creator.

Are the videos on the Life of Luxury YouTube channel real or fake?

Some people believe that the videos are real and some believe fake. As per evidences and facts he videos of Life of Luxury YouTube channel are fake. They are only for entertainment purpose.

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