My Crazy Ex TV Show Real Or Fake (Revealed)

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My Crazy Ex TV show has caught the attention of many people due to its romance, drama, and madness in love. Due to the strange love stories in each episode, people are surprised and want to know whether My Crazy Ex TV Show is real or fake.

So here in this article, I will tell you the facts about whether it is real or fake. If you want to know the complete details about My Crazy Ex TV Show then please read this article completely to know the answer to all your questions.

About My Crazy Ex TV Show

My Crazy Ex TV Show is an American storytelling reality television show that airs on the Lifetime Movie Network (LMN). This TV show is known for its extraordinary stories. 

The shows shown in it are unique but all of them are related to somebody. In which a loving person becomes so dangerous in love that he starts harassing her. 

Each episode of My Crazy Ex TV Show tells a new story of how one partner copes with the crazy partner. Very horrific scenes have been shown in this show, which is heat-wrenching.

  • My Crazy Ex TV Show was released in 2014 – at present
  • In total, there are 5 seasons of this TV show
  • There are a total of 45 episodes.

My Crazy Ex TV Show Real Or Fake

The Shows shown on My Crazy Ex TV Show are not completely fake. Whatever episodes are shown in this, the story is based on reality to a great extent.

This means that whatever story happens in this show is based on the love incidents of real people’s lives. All the things related to the scenes are extraordinary.

To make the episodes of this show, the writers search for the stories of people who have faced incidents related to violence in their love.

On the basis of this, he prepares the episodes of this show. This means that the episodes of this show are neither completely fake nor completely real.

Some Episodes Stories

Here are some interesting episodes stories of My Crazy Ex TV Show:

  • A woman whose ex-boyfriend hacked her computer and installed spyware on it and started monitoring her every move.
  • A woman whose ex-husband breaks all relations with her, then in his madness kidnaps her own children.
  • A man whose ex-girlfriend starts chasing him and threatening to kill his new girlfriend.


Is my crazy ex on Lifetime Real?

The episodes shown in it are unique and the stories of all the episodes are related to real love stories that happened in the past.

How many episodes of My Crazy Ex TV Show?

There are 44 episodes and 1 special episode. It means a total of 45 episodes in My Crazy Ex TV Show.

On Which Network Does it Show?

My Crazy Ex TV Shows are shown on the Lifetime Movies Network (LMN). It is an American TV Network.

How many Seasons of My Crazy Ex TV Show?

There are a total of 5 Seasons of My Crazy Ex TV Show. All the Seasons are very interesting and extraordinary.

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