Mexican Alien Real or Fake, Know the Real Truth

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The Mexican Alien real or fake is now a topic of hot discussion gaining a lot of attention on social media. During an odd hearing of the Mexican Congress, two “nonhuman beings” were displayed. The bodies are thought to be a mess of artificial skin and glue-held human and animal bones.

On September 12, Enthusiast and investigator, Jaime Maussan, revealed a surprise near the end of a public hearing held in the Green Room of the Chamber of Deputies Congress of Mexico.

The renowned researcher focused on the audience’s attention on unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs), or UFOs, during this historic session. He displayed two relics and said that they were 1,000-year-old non-human animal carcasses.

The presentation of these two fossilized bodies of what Jaime Maussan claimed were “non-human” started a debate on social media. Maussan, whose reporting on aliens was once refuted, claimed that researchers could prove the bodies weren’t from Earth using DNA testing.

A hearing in the Mexican Congress on the subject of UFOs did not come to any findings or establish the veracity of alleged alien mummies submitted by an independent investigator.

Who is Jaime Maussan ?

For more than 50 years, Maussan has been a journalist. broadcast the 2017 video report in which he took part. Maussan’s journey to the Mexican Congress started in the US, when the US Congress held its own hearing on UFOs and paved the way for Mexico to do the same.

Additionally, Maussan has a large network of acquaintances, including Gutiérrez Luna, who has referred to the nation’s Chamber of Deputies as the “house of the people.” During the hearing, Gutierrez Luna promised that the audience would “hear evidence that has awakened a great, great, great, great interest on the part of the public.”

He claimed, “Jaime Maussan is a well-known journalist and researcher who contacted us. He led the participants in the hearing as they were swore in, saying, “If you swear to tell the truth in this exercise of legislative power, you promise to tell the truth about everything that is discussed here today.”

The bodies in the Gaia video report are larger than the ones that were given to the Mexican Congress, but they all have several characteristics in common, such as three-finger hands and enlarged heads.

Mexican Aliens Whole Mystery

A presentation on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) in Mexico at an educational meeting that featured a display of two allegedly non-human corpses did not “confirm” the presence of aliens and UFOs, despite what some online posts claimed.

Prior to the public hearing, Congressman Sergio Gutierrez of the party in power under President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador stated that it will be held “to hear different perspectives” on UFOs from researchers in the US and other nation.

However, following the hearing, a message on messaging service , formerly known as Twitter, read: “UFO AND ALIENS CONFIRMED BY MEXICAN GOVERNMENT! ALIEN BODIES!” and a video with English narration from an unnamed speaker showing footage from the hearing.

Maussan’s presentation of these two tiny creatures with three fingers on each hand and elongated heads was live streamed on the Mexican Congress’s YouTube channel.

He described the specimens as “non-humans,” noting that they were discovered in Peru in 2017 close to the prehistoric Nazca Lines topographical formations and that Mexico’s National Autonomous University (UNAM) had examined the alleged bodies.

He claimed that the had undergone analysis. After the hearing, UNAM reacted by restating a previous statement that the carbon dating study conducted by the National Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry with Accelerators (LEMA) in 2017 only determined the age of the samples, and we had not made any conclusion about the origin of the said sample in this case.

According to the Tribune, Some DNA testing have shown the presence of human material in the sculptures, while other tests have been inconclusive.

Jois Mantilla, an Otromundo Comunicaciones journalist and researcher, and Jose de Jesus Zalce Benitez, the director of the Mexican Navy’s Scientific Institute for Health, joined Maussan in the presentation as participants in the initial “recovery” of the specimens in Nazca in 2017.  

Mexican Aliens Mystery

  1. The tiny mummified bodies, which Maussan claimed were roughly 1,000 years old and featured three fingers, elongated heads, and other anatomical features resembling aliens from Hollywood movies, were supposedly discovered in Peru in 2017.
  1. José de Jess Zalce Bentez, the head of the Scientific Institute for Health of the Mexican Navy, showed scans of the bodies to members of Congress and said they had retractable necks, no teeth, massive brains, and giant eyes with “wide stereoscopic vision.”
  1. Bentez was also a key researcher in the presentation of the disproved body find, which featured six three-finger mummified bodies in a 2017 YouTube video published by the infamous conspiracy theory website
  1. Former U.S. Navy pilot Ryan Graves, who in July testified before Congress in Washington about his alleged encounters with a UFO, was also present in Mexico City on Tuesday. He stated that the focus of his organization, Americans for Safe Aerospace, is on “improving public education of UAP, breaking stigma and working towards better transparency and disclosure.”

Mexican Alien Real Or Fake

The two allegedly bodies displayed in Mexican congress were fake. They are Nazca mummies, specifically “tridactyl Nazca humanoid mummies,” which were previously touted as a major archeological term but it has been largely debunked by the scientific community around the world.

The authenticity of these mummies has been disputed by significant organizations like the World Committee on Mummy Studies, which labelled the discovery as a fraud and “an irresponsible organized campaign of misinformation.” It is believed that the mummies were altered to give them a different appearance.

The Different facts, on which we made a conclusion that these bodies are fake are mentioned below.

1. Academics, archaeologists, and scientists all concur on the following: The majority of these mummies, especially the smaller ones, like those displayed this week in the Mexican Congress, are constructed from a combination of animal and human bones. A portion of them are modified pre-Hispanic human bodies.

2. Physical anthropologist Guido Lombardi, who has studied mummies in Peru, told the newspaper El Comercio, “With the experience that all the researchers who have worked with pre-Columbian mummies have, especially from the Nazca area.

it is very clear to us that these mummies, the large ones, are pre-Columbian human beings that have been modified for commercial purposes, and the supposed “small mummies” are structures that have been put together.”

3. According to forensic archaeologist Flavio Estrada, who examined the mummies for the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences of the Public Ministry in Peru, the alleged aliens’ remains “are creations made from animal and human bones held together with synthetic glue” that have then been covered in a fake skin.

4. Live Science and the San Diego Tribune both reported that scientists had doubts about Maussan’s statements regarding the fossils. He claimed that they were discovered in a tomb close to Nazca. Researchers have hypothesized that the figures are made from pieces of human mummies rather than non-human remains.

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