Pata Seca Real Or Fake Man in Brazil (Revealed)

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Pata Seca was a Brazilian slave whose life story keeps raising questions in people’s minds every day about his history, age, birth, and many more. And they want to know whether Pata Seca is real or fake.

So here in this article, I will tell you the reality about whether he is real or fake. If you want to know the complete details about the Brazilian Slave Pata Seca then please read this article completely to know the answer to all your questions.

Who is Pata Seca?

Pata Seca was a 19th century Brazilian slave whose job was to have sexual intercourse with slave women. He was known for his wrestling skills and his height. The height of Pata Seca was more than 7 feet.

He is one of the unforgettable characters of history. Pata Seka also held the record for the most children fathered. He was the father of more than 200 children in his life.

He had control over 30% of the population of the village. He faced and suffered the brunt of slavery during his lifetime. The children they had were mostly from slave women.

They had to suffer a lot due to this slavery system but they did not give up and faced it with great courage.

Pata Seca Real Or Fake

Pata Seca was a real Brazilian slave. Who was known as a slave and the father of more than 200 children. 

He lived in Sorosaba village which is in Brazil. He fought hard to fight his slavery and is known as a memorable figure in history.

Biography of Pata Seca

NameRoque José Florêncio
Nick NamePata Seca
Birth PlaceSorocaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Date Of Birth1828
Age130 years old death
ChildrenMore than 200
Height7 feet 0 inches
Weight150 kg
PopularityBreeding Slave

Pata Seca Life History

During the era of slavery in the 19th century, Pata Seca was brought to Brazil as a slave. His job was to create relationships with women so that more powerful children like him could be born.

Pata Seca was made a slave by the landlord of Brazil. He called him the Breeder because his job was to create relationships with slave women so that they could produce strong children like him and he could sell them and earn more money.


From all the information given, we have come to know how Pata Seca’s biography passed in slavery and how much struggle he had to get out of that slavery. Due to this, he is still remembered by the people there.


At what age did Pata Seca die?

Pata Seca died at the age of 130 in 1958. 

Where Pata Seca was born?

Sources obtained indicate that Pata Seca was an African citizen who was enslaved and brought to Brazil.

What is the real name of Pata Seca?

The real name of Pata Seca is Roque José Florêncio.

What is Pata Seca Known for?

Pata Seca known as the breeding slave was captured in Brazil when he was kid.

What is the meaning of Pata Seca?

The meaning of Pata Seca is “Dry Paw”.

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