Opium Bird Real Or Fake, Know The Real Truth

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Do you want to know whether Opium Bird is real or fake?

In Today’s Post, We are going to talk about the viral TikTok video of Opium Bird. Which is uploaded by a TikTok user whose name is Dre and his TikTok I’d is @drevfx. After uploading that video, a lot of questions arose among many people about whether they were really Opium Bird. But I want to tell you that the Opium Bird is not a real bird, It is a Video which is created by Artificial Intelligence. So, the Opium Bird is not a Real Bird.

So here, If you want to know the complete truth about the opium bird then please read this article completely to know answers to all of your questions about the Opium Bird.

What Is Opium Bird?

The Opium Bird is a scary bird that is much taller than a human being. But he has the face of a bird and he is fully covered by the white feathers. It is said that the opium bird sings so beautifully that it can put people into a quell.

opium bird antarctica

Opium Bird looks like grey and white in color. He lives in the snow and has a big long pecker. But in reality, It is a fictional bird. It is most likely a myth that opium bird is originated in Asia. Opium Bird is created by the fiction including the novel of “The Opium Bird” which is written by the most creative novel writer whose name is R.A. Salvatore.

Opium Bird Real Or Fake

Opium Bird is a fake. There is no evidence of this bird in Antarctica. The TikTok User whose name is @drevfx uploaded the video of an opium bird in his account on 12 September 2023 using Artificial Intelligence. Also, Dre posted a picture of a big foot creature or Opium Bird saying “I had discovered an opium bird in Antarctica’s mountain range.

He also added the #aiart to this video and the hashtag creates many doubts among the viewers. Many People Think that this is a real bird who lives in Antarctica. But when it is scientifically checked it found that there is no evidence. Also, Dre used #aiart in all his pots to indicate to the people that this is AI Art not real. 

After 2 Days on 14 September Dre posted a second video of An Opium Bird on his TikTok account with using the caption “Opium Bird”. As soon as the video was posted on TikTok, It got 6.7 Million Views in a very short time. Similarly many videos of relating to the Opium Bird are uploaded on social media.

One such video was uploaded on 22 September on Twitter where a human standing just next to the Opium Bird. The bird seen in the video looks twice as the human. It has a long and big pecker and its body is covered with white long feathers.

This is Dre’s video which was posted by another user whose name is @oxvyz. After reposting this video many people named this bird and they call him an Erosion Bird. Many people are saying that this is a unique creature of an animal that comes from the future to the present time. But there is no evidence of this bird in the world.

One Reddit user commented on the post and referred to the video as a meme from the year 2027. Several many YouTubers reposted Dre’s video on his YouTube channels calling the bird who comes from 2027. However, it is not clear that why they are saying that the bird comes from 2027 as the specific year. It is supposed that 2027 is the random year which is taken by the users.

Who Is Dre (@drevfx)?

Dre is a TikTok user and also an Instagram Video creator. He is known for creating videos of things that are related to AI (Artificial Intelligence), VFX Videos, and 3D Animations. Dre is also the creator of such a series whose name is “Opium Bird”. The Opium Bird series is a collection of short videos in which a unique creature is created using Artificial Intelligence. Dre’s video is very stunning and impressive technically. He is well known for creating the videos which are related to entertaining purposes and also related to informative purposes.

He is a very talented VFX Creator. And he is also the most popular TikTok video Creator using VFX. He was the first to make the video of an opium bird viral on TilTok and said that this was a new creature which I had discovered in the mountain range of Antarctica. And his video was viewed in millions of times.

Reaction Of The People On This Video

Many people laughed at the video after seeing it. They said it is the dream bird which is not ever anyone going to see them. Many comments are held on both TikTok and Twitter accounts. Here are the most liked comments on the video:

  • RyxNught Commented “Ah yes the meme from 2027”
  • Eren pfp commented “this might be just dream blunt rotation”
  • Gagii Commented “luh calm fit, is a nun special opium bird, nun too extravagant n things of that nature, nun crazy doe, just chillin in Antarctica wind”

The artist also tagged this video as “weirdcore”, referring to a genre of artificial technology where it is created under the visual representation that arouses the feeling of nostalgia, confusion, and dread.


Is it opium bird real or fake?

Opium Bird is not a real bird. It is a fictional creator that is created by Artificial Intelligence by The TikTok User Dre.

Where do Opium Birds Live?

In the video, you can say that the Opium bird lives in Antarctica but in reality, there is no existence of this type of bird.

Who created the video of Optium Bird?

Dre is the creator of Optium Bird using his AI tools and VFX. He is the most popular video creator on social media using the VFX.

When was Its first video uploaded on social media?

On 12 September, The first video of the Opium Bird was uploaded on TikTok and it went viral in a day.

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