News Break App Real or Fake | Complete Review

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In this post I am going to show you whether News Break App is Real or Fake? If you want correct information about this app, then you can get information by reading the post.

App NameNews Break
App OwnerJeff Zheng
App CategoryNews App
App Release Year2015
App size20 MB
App Downloads50M+

What is News Break App?

News Break app is a local News app. News Break App was released in 2015. Incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Mountain View, California. This App serves daily local news on every possible topic in our surroundings.

Jeff Zheng along with Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang as Chief Advisor. Ex-Microsoft executive Harry Shum as the Chairman and ex-HuffPost and ex-Yahoo News executive Vincent Wu as the COO developed the News Break App.

Who Is Jeff Zheng?

Jeff Zheng is the CEO of the News Break App. He is a retired Chinese Media Professional. He is a Computer Scientist and a former Yahoo executive. He is also known as Zhaohui Zheng.

Jeff graduated from Tsinghua University, did his M.S. from the Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences, and his Ph.D. from SUNY Buffalo.

Is NewsBreak App Real or Fake?

News Break App is America’s leading news App. People are asking if News Break App is real or fake. This App is a 100% real app. It has over 50 Million users.

Mr. Jeff Zheng owns the News Break app. The offices are located in Seattle and Mountain View(HQ) in America. It has another office in Beijing and Shanghai, China.

Why News Break App is Popular?

Top Reason for the Popularity

  1. This App keeps you updated with local news by simply entering your zip code.
  2. This App has compiled news from all your favorite publishers like Tampa bay times, Sports Illustrated, LA Times, and The Sacramento Bee to name a few.
  3. It proved to be the best local news app for Android and i-phones.
  4. News Break App Topped as a news app on both Google and Apple’s App Store several times.
  5. You can select your topics of interest on this app.
  6. The technology used in this app serves news based on your reading habits.
  7. News Break gave local content writers, and reporters to join it as their paid content creators for publishing local news.
  8. News Break App is available on all platforms, including Android, iPhone, and Internet.

News Break gained popularity during the Pandemic in 2020. Everyone liked the raw news coming from the grounds without much polishing.

NewsBreak App Installed Itself

Recently many complaints regarding NewsBreak App came to notice. One such issue was the automatic installation of this app on the phone. The Actual reason is still unknown. News Break never Addressed this issue as such.

One speculation can be made that some tricks could have been used in the app programming that installed it automatically, in order to increase the number of customers or to include those who were unaware of this App.

Issues with The NewsBreak App

The News Break app is facing some difficulties. Now are these issues due to some technical glitch or intentional that time will let us know.

News Break App users have complained about too many popups while reading the news. Some have complained about running useless Ads. These issues have brought a bad name to this App.

News Break Creator Program

News Break today has 50M+ active users. The official website has 1.5 billion visitors per month. The paid News Break Creator Program pays $1000 per month initially. Anyone can join this program. Check the Video below for details.

You need to get yourself register and meet the condition mentioned. Based on your niche, quality of news, unique visitors to your content, and followers your monthly payment will be decided.


In the end, it is worth to mention News Break is achieving higher goals. Many Investors like IDG Capital, and Francisco Partners have invested in NewsBreak.

These things are taking place only because they see the scope of this venture and the vision of Jeff Zheng.

So it is concluded that News Break App is real. Hope you liked this Article. Let us know if you want to know more about NewsBreak App.

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