The Last Garfield Comic Real or Fake | Complete Review

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Is “The Last Garfield Comic ” Real or Fake? Let’s Discuss

Hey friends!! Lots of people are asking whether The “Last Garfield comic” is the Last copy of the series Real or Fake information. So it’s Fake information. The Last Garfield Comic isn’t really the last comic of this series.

Have you ever read “No More Mondays: The Last Garfield comics? Garfield comic strip is renowned for its immense popularity. It stirred up controversy on October 23, 1989, for showcasing the sensitive subject of death. Many of us now wonder if Garfield Cat is alive or not.

Is The Last Garfield Comic Real or Fake

The Last Garfield Comic Real or Fake is the most asked query on the internet. The Last Comic is not the ending of this series. The Last Garfield comic is Fake.

Even though in this comic Death of Garfield was portrayed, and fans become worried if it was the end of Garfield the Cat.

Garfield comic continued to make us laugh ever after that also. Hence it is clear that The Last Garfield Comic was Fake.


Brand Name of ComicGarfield The Cat
Creator of GarfieldJim Davis
Garfield’s First Appearance in Comics19th June 1978
Name of the Cat (Main Character)Garfield
Name of the Man( Garfield and Odie’s owner) Jon Arbuckle
Name of the dog Odie
The Last Garfield Comic release dateOctober 23, 1989

How Popular is Garfield?

All these years Garfield has been an important part of our day-to-day life. We enjoy this character be it in newspapers, online comics, ebooks, cartoons, or a movie. The one-liners by Garfield are enough to convey your mood.

It became so popular that once when The Chicago Sun-Times tried to cancel Garfield in late 1978, people opposed their decision. They appealed to continue the track of the Garfield comic.

It was the first indication that there was something special about this sleepy, with I don’t care about anything attitude, who loved to eat lasagna and hated Mondays like anything.

As per a recent update, this comic strip is published in 2500 newspapers and journals worldwide. On social media platforms, Garfield memes are classic ones.

What was the Last Garfield Comic?

The Last Garfield Comic isn’t really the last comic of this series. It was the name given to the comic “No More Mondays”.

In this comic strip, Jim Davis tried to explore how a person would feel when he finds himself dead. In this comic series, what happened to Garfield the Cat explains a lot about our nature.

We all are social animals, we can’t stay alone for long.

Did Garfield the Cat die in the last comic?

No, Garfield, the cat didn’t die in the Last comic.

Real Story in The Last Garfield

The “No More Mondays” comic begins with Garfield waking up to an empty home, Odie and Jon are nowhere in the house.

Garfield feels the horror of being alone. This comic explains the importance of life and that it should not be taken for granted at any cost.

Someone like Garfield who doesn’t like any sort of affection feels terrified when he finds himself without his home mates. When the Garfield comic end it is shown that it was all a dream sequence.

When Garfield wakes up, he hugs Jon and feels happy that it was all a dream.

Are Garfield comics still being made?

Yes, the Garfield comics are still being made, Jim Davis is producing the comics on online platforms like Gocomics. You can find all the comics of the Garfield series.

When did the Garfield comic end?

The Garfield comic began in 1978, and to date, it is being published as a daily comic on digital platforms and in newspapers. The date when the Gartfield comic will end is not provided by the creators on any platforms.

What happened to Garfield the Cat

Garfield the cat just turned 45 years old on June 19, 2023. So he is in his Mid-40s, and all set to continue being lazy, more hungry for Lasanga, more sleepy, and bringing more funny one-liners.

The story narrated in The Last Garfield Comic was based on an encounter with death. But many Garfield fans thought that Davis might be planning to end the comic.

As it was a popular comic series, the fans were concerned about the fate of the comic.

To date, the word “Last” brings confusion if the edition was real or fake. Once again we say the Cat never died in the end.


What is the newest Garfield Book?

It’s Garfield Fully Caffeinated. It is the 75th book of this comic series.

What happened in the Last Garfield Comic?

In this comic the Cat was shown dead, and how he reacted when found himself all alone.In the end, it was shown that the Cat was experiencing it all in his dream.

Did Garfield the Cat die in the Last Comic?

No, the cat never died.

What does the Last Garfield comic mean?

The Last Garfield comic meant as per the storyline that Garfield the Cat, will not have any more Mondays to hate, as he was dead. But in the end, it was found that the comic was all about a dream sequence.

How much are Garfield comics worth?

There are in total 75 comic series. On Kindle, you can buy all series together at $350.23 plus taxes. The paperback cost range from $5 to $134 online.

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