Fact Check : Cave Wyrm Real or Fake In Real life 

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Cave Wyrm Real or Fake? In Today’s Post, we are going to talk about the new YouTube Viral video of Cave Wyrm. This video was uploaded by Erwin Saunders. As soon as the video was uploaded on YouTube, It went viral and within a very short time, the video gained millions of views.

After watching that video many people became confused and asked in the comments whether this is a real cave wyrm which looks like a dragon.

So here, If you want to know the complete reality about the cave wyrm then please read this article completely to know answers to all of your questions about the cave wrym.

What is a cave wyrm ?

A Cave Wyrm is an imaginary creature which is described as a giant creature with no limbs and also a serpentine creature. Cave wyrm is lived in a deep cave. They are blind but they can see everything using their senses. They can detect anything with their sense of smell and they can also absorb heat. 

Cave Wyrm Real or Fake

Cave wyrm’s teeth and claws are very sharp so they are very dangerous. They are very active in saving their territory and will attack anything without any delay. Cave wyrms are very difficult to kill because they are very strong and have very thick skin.

Cave Wyrm Real Or Fake

Cave Wyrm is not Real. It is a creature which is created by using CGI (Computer Generated Imaginary).

You can see the cave wyrm on a viral YouTube video in which it looks like a real animal. But in reality, it is a created video that was uploaded in August 2023 by a famous YouTuber whose name is Erwin Saunders.

In this video, you can see that Erwin Saunders with his friend enter a dark cave using their torches and suddenly a huge crawling creature comes in front of them.

They are surprised after seeing them. When the video went viral, many questions were asked by people then Erwin Saunders confirmed that this video was just a CGI created not a real one. 

And just recently, A clip of that YouTube video went viral on TikTok which was uploaded by a TikTok user named @sleepwithhorror. After watching that video, many people now accepted as real but I would like to tell you that there is no creature like a cave wyrm on this Earth.

This is just a computer-created video which is being posted on social media. The entire clip is filmed in a dark cave with the planning and techniques.

There is no evidence of the existence of the Cave Wyrm but in a cave, many other types of unique and fascinating animes lived such as Olm and the White Salamanders. 

Are Cave Wyrm Dangerous 

Cave wyrm is an imagined creature so we cannot tell whether it is harmful or not. But as seen in the viral video, we can see that cave wyrm is a harmful creature. In the video, it has been seen as a huge crawling animal. It is said that cave wyrm is a very dangerous creature.

Cave Wyrm Or Dragon

Cave Wyrm and Dragon are both Imagined Creatures but they are very different from each other. Their differences are given below:

1. The Cave wyrm is a crawling creature that has no limbs, but the dragon is a flying creature that has four limbs, wings, and a long tail.

2. Cave wyrms are blind and can identify things through their senses of smell and heat, while dragons have the ability to see and throw fire from their mouths.

3. Cave wyrm live in very dark caves while dragons live in mountains and forests.

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Cave Wyrm urban legend

Cave wyrm is a popular subject for urban legends who work in mining or cave explorations. There are many legends who have many different thoughts about the cave wyrm but all have the same theme about the cave wyrm which is “cave wyrms are very dangerous and a mysterious creature”. Here are some legends who said about the cave wyrms:

1. Legend of England said the cave wyrm lives in a nearby cave in the village of Castleton. He said it was a very giant and crawling creature with sharp teeth and claws. 

2. Legend of the U.S.A. said cave wyrm lives in a nearby cave under the Ozark Mountains. He said, it is very giant and looks like a white snake with glowing red eyes.

But there is no scientific evidence of the existence of cave wyrms to support the legends. Those legends want to tell us about the unknown and dangerous things in this world so that we can become aware of these things.

Who Is Erwin Saunders?

Erwin Saunders is a famous YouTuber who is mostly known for creating videos on various types of topics such as mythology, hunting, science, and history.

Most of Erwin’s videos have been made on the basis of his discovery of new types of creatures and beings, and have been posted on social media. 

The computer-generated video of Cave Wyrm made by Erwin went viral but apart from this he has made many other creative mythological videos. Some of these are mentioned below:

  1. The Science of Dragons
  2. The Mystery of The Bermuda Triangle
  3. The Mythology of the Phoenix
  4. The Search for Atlantis.

Erwin’s Video is Mostly recommended for those people who are interested in history, mystery, and science fiction. If you are interested in science, history, and mysteries then you can check Erwin’s Channel.


Cave wyrm real or fake in real life video

Cave wyrm is not real. It is a CGI created created. There is no evidence of the existence of cave wyrm on this earth.

What is a Cave Wyrm

Cave wyrm is an imagined creature. They are known as serpentine creatures with no limbs and have sharp teeth and crawls.

Cave wyrm Dangerous

Yes, Cave wyrm are dangerous if they exist but in real life, it is difficult to say whether it is dangerous or not.

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