Banter Jewellery Real or Fake? Let’s Explore

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Many people questions if Banter Jewellery is real or fake. Banter Jewellery is real. To know more details, read the article.

What is Banter Jewellery?

After more than 50 years, Piercing Pagoda changed its name to “Banter by Piercing Pagoda” in August 2021. To give a modern brand name to the new generation.

They didn’t want to get stuck to the Piercing status only. To Focus on the new generation who might tag them in a fixed category, they came up with the idea of changing its name.

They introduced the name “Banter “, so people will consider it more than just a place to get piercing.

Banter Jewellery Real or Fake?

Banter Jewellery is Real. They sell real gold, sterling silver, and diamonds obtained from genuine sources. This is why Banter Jewellery is the most sought-after jewelry Brand in the United States.

What Banter Jewellery Provides?

Their focus is on providing modernized jewelry items at the most affordable rates.

They make ornaments and Jewellery using gold, sterling silver. The diamonds are also either natural or lab-made.

The collections range from earrings, anklets, pendants, gold chains, charms, pearls, bracelets, and rings as well as a variety of silver and diamond jewelry items at an awesome price. They have a collection for your pets also.

They maintain the quality of banter jewelry by using only either 10K or 14K gold, sterling silver, and diamonds.

Where you can Buy Banter Jewellery

They have their shops in almost all states. They have their counter, and kiosk at top places. You can easily locate the stores near you using this link Banter Store Locator.

Banter is also available on all digital platforms. One can make online purchases also at

What is the Quality of Pure Gold?

Generally, like any other material purity of gold /silver is measured by checking its Karat value. The purest form of gold is 24 Karat or 24K. It means that there is no other metal except gold.

The drawback of pure gold is that it is very malleable and ductile. To make gold to be used as jewelry some other materials like zinc or silver etc are added to increase its strength and durability.

How to calculate the gold used in your jewelry?

To know how much gold is used in your jewellery simply divide the Karat mentioned by 24. The output value is the percentage of actual gold and the remaining is some other material.

You can perform a Ceramic scratch test. Take a tile and scrape the gold jewelry on it, fake gold will leave a black trail but real one will leave a golden trail.

Return Policy

Banter Jewelry ensures you that if you don’t like the pieces bought you can return them no questions asked. They don’t want their customers to have a bad experience. They make sure that every single customer is happy and satisfied with their purchase.

Big Name at Banter.

In June 2022, Banter by Piercing Pagoda appointed Tierra Whack as the first-ever Creative Director. She is an artist and Grammy-nominated rapper and songwriter.

With this association, Banter is paving ways to get connect to new customers who enjoy unique raw designs.

Banter is on a mission to include the new generation by introducing designs that define their interest, goal, and vision. Jewelry plays an important role to express your unique trait every day. Banter is all set to celebrate creativity by including new designs for every single customer.

Points to Consider While Purchasing Banter Jewellery

1.Banter Jewelry always provides the best quality real jewelry. They have mentioned the quality range of 10k and 14K gold.

Even after that, there are negative reviews like broken pieces received, diamonds came out, etc. on the internet. So the main point to consider is if you are making an online purchase of such costly jewelry, the customer and the seller are unaware of how the parcel is being treated during transit.

2.We can’t just blame the seller for the damage. Banter came up with a return policy just for their customer’s happiness.

3.It is always a good idea to visit your nearest Banter store and buy the products. After all, it’s your hard-earned money. And you’ll buy without doubting about the quality, designs, and get guaranteed real Banter Jewellery.

4.Friends we hope you liked this article. Stay connected for more content. Meanwhile, you can comment on what should be our next topic of discussion.


Do real gold stick to magnets?

No real gold ever gets stuck to the magnet.

Does Banter sell fake Jewellery?

No, they don’t sell fake or imitation jewelry.

Are Banter Diamonds Real?

Yes, Banter diamonds are real. The source is either natural or Laboratory made. Natural diamonds are comparatively more costly than Lab-made ones.

Will fake gold Rust?

Fake gold either gets tarnished or a layer of rust is formed if comes in contact with water.

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