Old $100 Dollar Bill Real Or Fake

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Nowadays, there are many fake notes in the market, out of which today we will tell you about the $100 dollar bill. People have a hard time identifying a $100 dollar bill and they have a hard time knowing whether a $100 dollar bill is real or not.

It is difficult for common people to identify the note but we will tell you some ways how you can identify the $100 bill.So here, If you want to know the complete details about the $100 Dollar Bill then please read this article completely to know answers to all of your questions about the Currency.

What Is a $100 Dollar Bill?

A $100 Dollar Bill is the value of the United States Currency. It is the largest currency that is currently printed and spread around. The front of the bill contains a portrait of Benjamin Franklin and the back of the bill contains a vignette of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall.

It is made of 75% cotton and 25% cambric paper. The Bill has many security features like Watermark, Color Shifted Ink, Series No, and microprintings. It is the most used bill in the United States to pay for goods and services. 

Old $100 Dollar Bill Real Or Fake

Old $100 Dollar Bill is Fake But it is impossible for People to identify the bill. There are large quantities of counterfeit bills that are spread around the whole country and they have a widespread negative impact on national and global currencies.

How to tell if a $100 dollar bill is real from 2009

If you have a $100 Dollar bill then you have to identify it because after 2009 in the market, many counterfeit notes were created and circulated around the country. There is a lot of a way to identify whether your $100 Dollar bill is real or not.

1. Check Through the Serial Number

The Serial number of the note must correspond to the Series. It is mentioned in the two places of the note. The serial number is usually written in the upper left corner of the note and also in the lower right corner. If the series numbers do not correspond to each other then you have the counterfeit note.

  • If your Bill’s serial number starts with J then it is the series of 2009.
  • If your Bill’s serial number starts with L then it is the series of 2009A.

2. Check through the Watermark

Hold your Bill to the light to see the faint portrait of Benjamin Franklin. If your note is real then there should be a portrait of Franklin on the right-hand side of the note. The watermark must be visible from both sides of the note.

3. Check the Blue Security Ribbon of the Bill

You can the Blue Ribbon on the $100 Dollar bill that is just to the right of Franklin’s Portrait. Ribbon is 3-D in feature. If you move the note from one side to another then you can see the 100-digit number which is printed on the ribbon. 

The ribbon is woven inside the paper. You can’t peel it. But, on the other side, if you can do this then it means that the note is fake.

4. Slowly Touch the Franklin’s Shoulder 

The new $100 Dollar features Ben Franklin’s raised shoulder print. If you move your finger across the shoulder you can feel it but if you can’t feel it then it is a counterfeit Note.

5. Check the Microprint using the Magnifying Glass

Move your magnify to Franklin’s jacket collar so you can see the word “United States of America” is written in small type. You can also see the word “USA 100” around the white space that is in the portrait. And the word “100 USA” also appears around the quill pen of Franklin.

How to tell if Old 100 Dollar Bill Is Real 1977

The old $100 Dollar Bills were made in a very old way, they did not have the security features available like today, So there was a different way to identify them. There is a way to check or identify the old $100 Dollar bill. 

1. Check The Date of the Bill

Most $100 Dollar Bills remain in circulation for only 7 years. Therefore, Most of the old bills are out of circulation. If you have an old $100 Dollar bill then you can check the bill by the date of the bill.

2. Touch & Fell the Bill

Old $100 Dollar Bill is made of Cotten and linen. In the old bills the ink is slightly raised above the notes. So if you move your hand up and down you will be able to fell the raised ink.

3. Security Thread of the Bill

There is an old security thread that is printed on the left-hand side of the bill. When you put the bill to the light you can see the thread glows pink.

4. Counterfeit Detection Pen

Counterfeit notes are usually made of some type of chemical. You can check them by using the Counterfeit detection pen.


How to spot a fake old 100 dollar bill?

You can spot the fake old $100 Dollar bill by checking the watermark, Raised ink printing, old security thread on the left side of the bill, and microprinting.

How to tell if a 1996 series 100 dollar bill is real?

After the 1996 series, Bills started being made from paper, so you can also find out from the size and paper quality of the bill. 
Paper is made of 75% Cotton and 25% Linen.
Paper size must be 6.69 inches long & 2.98 inches wide.

How to tell if a 2003 series $100 dollar bill is real?

You can tell by using different ways if a 2003 series $100 Dollar is real: By watermark, Series number, Upgraded security features, Microprinting, Shifting-Inks, and also the paper quality and size.

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