Mountain Dew Hot Dogs Real Or Fake, Know The Real Truth

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Mountain Dew Hot Dogs went viral on Twitter when Jamey Jasta posted a picture of a wrapped Mountain Dew hot dog. After posting that image many doubts have incurred on the Other Twitter Users. It has currently over 931k views and almost 2338 likes.

When this picture was posted by Jamie Jasta, many people were shocked to see it and many assumed it to be real since it was posted by a popular singer. But I would like to tell you that there is no product like Mountain Dew Hot Dogs. This is a false picture which has been told by PepsiCo company itself. So, It is a Fake News of Mountain Dew Hot Dogs.

In this article, I will tell you the real or fake truth about Mountain Dew Hot Dogs, Which is shown by a picture which was uploaded by Jamey Jasta on his social media app Twitter.

Who Is Jamey Jasta?

Jamey Jasta is an American Vocalist, who is known as the lead singer of the metalcore band Hatebreed and Sludges metal band Kingdom of Sorrow. He is known for his exciting live performances and his outstanding personality. He is also a strong advocate of mental health awareness and suicide prevention. 

Why Mountain Dew Hot Dogs Got Viral?

Mountain Dew Hot Dogs got Viral, when the picture of the dew dogs was posted by Jamey Jasta. Within no time, that post created a stir on Twitter and shocked many people. Many users uploaded that post on their Twitter, and it went viral very quickly. Many people posted fake videos on social media while making Mountain Dew Hot Dogs with the Mountain Dew soft drink, due to which it went viral.

Mountain Dew Hot Dogs Real Or Fake

It is Fake News about Mountain Dew Hot Dog. You must have seen the picture uploaded on Twitter by Jamey Jasta, in which you can see that the hot dogs are made of green color, and are closed in a factory-sealed pack. In which the name of Mountain Dew Hot Dogs is written on the hot dog packet, which is actually a fake that looks like a real hot dog.

It is supposed that Mountain Dew Company recently ventured into hot dogs and it went viral when it was posted. After this post went viral, PepsiCo confirmed that it is a counterfeit product, Mountain Dew does not have any product like Mountain Dew Hot Dog. He also said that this is not the first fake product post on social media. Earlier also a user on Instagram named Justin had also posted a similar post.

Many blog postings have claimed that Mountain Dew Hot Dogs are available in supermarkets and malls. but from these things, we can now say that this is a lie. 

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About Mountain Dew

The Company whose name is PepsiCo Produces Mountain Dew. They also produce many soft drinks that are made of Carbonated soda which is very popular worldwide. With the viral post, it is cleared by the Company that there are no such types of MTN Dew hot dog products.

Why did Jamey Jasta Post a Picture Of MTN Dew Dogs?

Jamey Jasta is a Singer, who posted a picture of Mountain Dew hot dogs on his own Twitter account because he was shocked and repelled by the product. He just posted the photo with the simple caption “Get this off my timeline“.

Why he posted the picture of MTN Dew hot dogs is not clear but it is possible that the picture was posted by them to make fun of the American diet and unhealthy food options which are available to the citizens.

Reaction of the People on The Post

After Jaime Jasta posted, many people were shocked to see that post and many people were happy to see it and said that this is a good idea. Many users tweeted on the post Many users tweeted on that post and everyone showed their interest towards that post.

Here are some interesting tweets that are tweeted by the users:

@JoseDG8 tweeted “This is what I’m gonna show my family in Columbia when they ask me about the American culture”.

@JOhnADouglas tweeted “And I thought clips from Barbie were the worst thing I’d see all weekend.

@Astroknott58 tweeted “ That looks disgusting. How do the two even go together in one?”

@mikegolicjr tweets “Gotta hear both sides”

And there are also many tweets on the post which are interesting.


Mountain Dew hot dogs where to buy?

Mountain Dew hot dog is not a real product. So you can’t Buy it anywhere. It is a fake post which is posted by Jamey Jasta on Twitter.

mtn dew dogs hot dogs

Mountain Dew hot dogs are not real it is a fictional products. There are no such types of products available in supermarkets and malls also.

Mountain Dew Hot Sauce where to buy?

Mountain Dew hot sauce is a real product but you can’t buy this product at this time. Because a small amount of sauces are produced and these sauces are distributed to the people by making the contest on the social media pages. 

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