Techstenant.Com Real or Fake Website ?

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Clothes are available at very cheap prices on website. When you go to this site, you see clothes for less than Rs 100. People have a question whether this website is real or fake?

I have already written a post on Real or Fake Website. You can read all those posts by clicking on the link given below.

About Techstenant.Com

Techstenant.Com website looks exactly like ecommerce. In this, clothes are seen very cheaply. Many categories are given on this website like Indian Dress, Lehenga Choli, Sarees, Western Wear, Special Collection.

Visually this website looks completely like the real website. Contact Info, Email ID, Address are also given on this website, which makes this website look like a real website.

Techstenant.Com Real or Fake

Techstenant.Com is a fake website. This is not a real website. Whatever products are available on this website will never be delivered to your home.

When you buy a product on this website, the message of Order Received comes but that product is never delivered. This clearly means that the purpose of this website is not to sell you products.

Only Cash On Delivery facility is provided for payment on this website. When a product does not reach you, your money is also not spent. This also shows that the purpose of this website is not to scam you.

If the purpose of this website was to scam, then it would have given the option of online methods for payment like UPI, Card and Net Banking but it did not do so.

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How does Techstenant.Com website work?

Techstenant.Com Website is monotized by Google Adsense. Google’s ads appear on this website from which this website earns.

The purpose of this website is to earn money by showing Google ads to people. The more people see ads and click on them, the more this website will earn.

Let me tell you, creating this type of Ecommerce website is not a very difficult task, you can create your own Ecommerce store for free on Shopify.

Conclusion: Hope you have understood whether Techstenant is Real or Fake. The aim of Techstenant is to earn money by showing Google Adsense ads to people.

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